Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of short heights and thrones

The few visitors in the throne hall of King Narai's palace were leaving when I got there. Pleased with the solitude, I lingered. The quiet seemed to usher in an opportunity to commune with the spirit of the ruins, however fleeting it was. As with usual thrones, this one is elevated. One suggested attribution is the king's short height. Over at his palace King Narai had ambassadors of France's King Louise XIV whose practice of wearing high heels was hypothetically due to his being not very tall. There might have been some influence or connection there.

Whether these kings were short or tall, records show they certainly occupied thrones. This is the Dusit Sawan hall. Imagine King Narai going up the steps to sit on his throne. I tried climbing. It was uncomfortable, but then I'm no king.

This is (a closer look of) the memorial plaque portraying King Narai granting an audience with french ambassadors

I ambled behind the throne which was like playing hide n' seek with whatever friendly ghost was left in there. The ruins still exuded so much character. Numerous climbs must have happened on this flight of stairs before the roof went off to reveal that sole flier in the vast blue above.

Then I proceeded to the living quarters of the king's many wives....

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  1. What an interesting tour! Thanks for taking us along! Love your photos and your text -- makes the pictures really come alive! Enjoy your week!


  2. Very interesting. Is there a part 2 for this? Nice shots.

  3. Where is this place in Bangkok?
    Interesting post.

  4. Very interesting place and the plaque portraying King Narai granting an audience with french ambassadors is fantastic.

  5. Sylvia, thanks

    ewok, most likely

    Indrani, it's in Lopburi outside Bangkok

    Rajesh, I did stare at the plaque longer than a couple of minutes :)

  6. That throne room must have been very impressive and majestic once upon a time...

  7. Thank you so much for these information, I always like learning about knew places!!! Your photos are beautiful!!!!

  8. What an interesting post. LOve to learn.

  9. You are a very gifted writer! Your words and accompanying photos made learning a little history most enjoyable. I hope there's more! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. ~ks

  10. Very interesting post and great shots. The King would get plenty of exercise climbing the stairs to his throne. Remarkable place.

  11. I always wonder, if the wives know each other, haha!

    Very lovely sculptures, the plaque looks like gold laden!

    Thanks for the tour.

  12. WOOT...Boy you go away for 1 week and everything changes. Like the new theme my friend. I love this my friend. Very well done and so interesting :)



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