Monday, February 15, 2010

I will if I could but I can't so I won't

Musical Monday: I Know I Need to be in Love (Karen Carpenter)
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There's this valentine joke among Filipino coeds that dooms those without a date on February 14th to a virtual firing squad. Venue for the 'execution' is always on a mountain peak, and those on 'death row' are required to hike up ala-Via Dolorosa. Well, yesterday I was on death row yet again, and like any law-abiding citizen, I climbed to the peak. In high heels and long dress. Old maid me had so much fun watching lovey-dovey couples along the way. Now let me see if "the price I paid" and am still paying "is high enough for me" or "let's keep it simple:" worth it all.

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Monday Mayhem: Have you or would you?
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kissed a cow? touched one?
kiss - haven't, wouldn't; touch - haven't, but might

give your pet a valentine?The spoiled brat gets it all from me

do something odd with candy? If my breasts were like these, I would. Experiment anyway

gone out with somebody based solely on looks?
based on ugly looks, yes, I have

go out with someone just for the meal?
No. I haven't been that hungry :)))

fallen in love with 2 different people at the same time?no, I haven't but I think it would be exciting if I had time to love two

place anything before love?I have. In fact that's exactly what I'm doing nowadays

believe in true love?

I don't know anymore

How would you define true love?
True love is measureless, unfathomable

send another Blogger a Valentine?
(photo won't load)
I haven't, but I greeted

do something really stupid in the name of love?

You tell me.... I even married someone I wasn't in love with. Can you beat that stupidity?

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  1. I could beat it with a sharp stick. LOL Too funny that answer. Oh i'm sure that the candy bra comes in all shapes and sizes just not perky, young and firm as displayed in the photo. But what they hell do I know. I'm with ya on true love...I wonder. Okay now my dear sweet one I have a bone to pick with you. ROFLMAO!!!

    Carpenters were so good but that dumb Richard just always sat and stared and played the drums. They should have been known as Karen. LOL Loved the song.

    Now to the picking...what's this you walking up to the mountain peak in Stiletto's? Hmmm See I knew you weren't too old for those. :) Ha!!!

    Gung Hei Fat Choy. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  2. Love The Carpenters!

    Your Monday Mayhem answers always crack me up! My favorite: "Go out with someone just for the meal? No, I haven't been that hungry". LMAO That's classic!

    I don't know about that V-Day's tradition. Wearing your best heels to be shot down in more way than one? Seems like a terrible waste of great style. I think you need to start a new tradition, like roll out the red carpet and strut your single stuff with pride. Call it a sexy single stroll. ;-)

    Happy MM!

  3. Ouch, Thom lol! Two of them as Karen :))) I thought Richard played the piano, and it was Karen on the drums. But whatever... lol
    I wasn't mountaineering yesterday in stilettos. The heels were as wide and thick as chisel lol! And until now I still can't read the greeting aloud, but I love it :)

    Run, what a brilliant series of Sssess :) strut single stuff and sexy single stroll. I want to quote you some time later hmmm... :) Thanks.

  4. I had everything these guys ever did! Haven't hear it in years.... remembered every word (scary huh?)Thanks for the trip back!!!

  5. moorebloglife, of all Carpenters songs, this is my favorite to play on the piano. I was really bummed when I lost my sheet music of this song.

  6. Hi Hazel.
    People really got into that candy bra thing. I've got a couple of spoiled brats too :)

    Thanks for playing!

  7. Oh yeah, maybe it was the piano. Who knows. It's Happy New Years for Chinese New Year's yesterday. Oh I see Grandma Stiletto's then LOL

  8. OMG
    The carpenters (I was 16 years ...)
    so young .... LOL
    (I can also play piano :-)

  9. hello!

    marce club is mga magkukumare since we aRe all ninangs of pehpot's little girl Sati :)



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