Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anne with an 'e'

Orphans, governesses, novels and novelists. And yeah, an erring vicar's wife. What else... oh, beautiful, charming countryside scenes galore! These are stills from some of my favorite movies. I put what I remember about each movie. The images are apparently google; each link is provided to acknowledge the source. I guess you would know some or all of the titles.

1. A precocious orphan who insists her name be spelt with an 'e' (image)

2. "You take care of the swing, I'll worry about the hole" (image)
3. A children's storybook illustrator and a conservationist (image)
4. A governess who falls in love with her employer whose wife lives imprisoned at Thornfield Manor (image)
5. Another governess who falls in love with her employer. She's also "a nun who gave up her habit for a guy in the military" that's Vin Diesel describing the movie. (image)
6. "Don't go growing a big head. Your crown won't fit." (image)

7. If you need me but don't want me, I will stay. If you want me but don't need me, I will go." (image)

8. A british novelist who invites train bombing survivors to convalesce at her home in the Italian countryside (image)

9. A father who is convinced his son would become a huncback like him. *weird* (image)

10. A novelist whose 'greatest love story was her own' (image)

11. An old maid develops a crush on a young violinist (image)
12. An american novelist who loves terrible ideas (image)
13. You may call me "O Captain! My Captain!"( image)
See how did you do:
1. Anne Shirley of Green Gables 2. Keeping Mum 3. Miss Potter 4. Jane Eyre 5. Sound of Music 6. Ella Enchanted 7. Nanny McPhee 8. My House in Umbria 9. The Secret Garden 10. Becoming Jane 11. Ladies in Lavender 12. Under the Tuscan Sun 13. Dead Poets Society

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  1. I don't think I can name one of those movies. But I sure did like reading about them. :)

  2. When i'm honest
    I don't know this movies ;)

    Maybe I must look more movies !!!!!

    Enjoy your day Hazel :-)

  3. Oh come on, Thom. Not even The Sound of Music? lol!

    Anya, check them out some time :)

    Ok, ok I'll name them... at the bottom :))

  4. Wonderful! I enjoyed the image-captions.

  5. Cool. I actually guessed most of those correctly.

  6. You did a good job of stumping me for the most part. I personally own about 700 movie DVDs and yet I could only name seven of these...

  7. LOL...CRS When I read the post I couldn't think of it and then I forgot about it. Likely excuse I know so yes I did see that one at least :)

  8. Sound of Music was the only one I knew LOL!

  9. I guessed about half of them right. Fun trip down memory lane. Thanks!
    Happy T13!



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