Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chat snippets

At night when work is done, two old maids chat. These are random snippets from their late night cyber tete-a-tete, which no longer is in this case. This is six weeks worth of observations of the state of things about and around them. Besides disclosures that one is a mama, and the other a medical doctor, most likely you can easily spot giveaways to infer their general philosophy and theorize their old maid status.

Header by Samulli. Megan and Janet have more lists here.

1. My stuttering fingers...

2. I dive feet first... Australia in October ... after suffering and embarrasing myself doing PhD I'd like something lighter like learn how to fly a helicopter and before the luggage joins the cobwebs - PEI: Anne Shirley of Green Gables; Chawton: Jane Austen

3. Happy sabbath, mareng (mareng is slang for matron) ... he probably doesn't know how patrician National Trust staff are

4. You? cry over a guy? no way!... 007 as in James Bond?... and you thought he's in touch with reality....

5. I chatted with Ivan on Facebook. He was looking for you. He said he liked secrets. I told him some things are better left unsaid... I'm glad there's a distance between us.

6. Stolen hours... clueless Florence Nightingale mutants ... a dangerous addiction

7. Neither of us have dates. We could howl at the blue moon during countdown

8. I hope the photos load properly then you can see my Robin Hood's merry men leggings... I didn't have time to buy a camera last night ... we'll just have to bear with my antique camera then

9. My OT was even worse before, 36 hours straight ... I love it here. No deaths, no CPR... would you practise medicine again? I'd love to see you with a steth slung on your neck

10. I miss my lunch hour to get a trim... though I miss my long hair that covered my back acne

11. Little guy discovered the wonders of the mouse... he drew my face on my research notepad, but he misplaced my eyes.... Alright you go lullabye first. I'm watching youtube's Blue Lagoon.

12. I'm getting bookish again; reading at night and doing the sweats... reading a book by a first novelist called Run for Home... I prefer the real book, not the ebook. I just love looking at a filled bookshelf especially if it's mine.

13. Real books have the advantage of readability in the prone, supine, and lateral decubitus position.


  1. ROFLMA0 This is just too funny. LOL Number 10 is absolutely hysterical. ROFLMAO!! I think I have stuttering fingers from laughing so much after reading this. Brilliant my friend :)

  2. clueless Florence Nightingale mutants ... a dangerous addiction

    Now you've got me curious.

    My TT is here.

  3. i love books too and we have plenty of them. i like your thursday thirteen.

  4. Hi!

    My fav is no.8 LOL good fun!

    Here is mine – 13 Best novel first lines!

  5. Umm, is it okay that I'm totally confused lol Fun post. Happy T13!

  6. Hmm. You always have the most interesting posts.

  7. Thom, you are brilliant with your fingers that are now stuttering from laughing :))

    Alice, that was something mysterious even to the old maids

    Rossell, thanks

    Sassy Brit, I seem to recall Robin's men seemed to have been wearing leggings or that was just the way media portrayed them...

    Adelle, it's okay, lol!

    Brenda, hmm.. thanks :)

  8. I feel like I've been eavesdropping. Is it fiction or real?

  9. Wonderful list!

    Have a great Thursday!

  10. I like a full bookshelf, too -- but I'm looking forward to the day when the books filling it were all written by me.

  11. My friends and I always say "rented fingers" when said fingers are not doing the correct things.

    - Celticlibrarian

  12. Bleu lagoon

    So lovely movie :))))))

  13. sandy, thanks

    colleen, this is real but since it is published and I know anyone could read it, there's no problem about eavesdropping :)

    Harriet, it's indeed a great Thursday, thanks

    Susan, it must be an awesome feeling for you when you reach that point. my best wishes!

    Rebecca, now 'rented fingers' is interesting too

    Anya, Brooke Shields :)))



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