Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Filipina at the Dodgers

Musical Monday: Star-Spangled Banner
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For several weeks I wanted to feature some piece I thought was patriotically moving, but was always sidetracked by something else. This weekend's Super Bowl in the US and today's Monday Mayhem seem in tune with the time to finally post this. Here's 16-year old Charice Pempengco, a Filipina singing America's national anthem at the Dodgers game opening on April 13th 2009.

Diane @ Good Mourning, Glory! hosts

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Monday Mayhem: Our Homelands
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Today's meme is a reflection of our participants. It is called the Philippines and the Americans. Let's test our knowledge of our country and others.

Answer these questions as best as you know how. You may learn something new....

What is the 'official name' of each country?
Republic of the Philippines
United States of America

Which country has more people living in it?


P.S. I cheated; can't believe the population explosion in RP could surpass the geographical size of America and therefore relative population figure so I googled it and my USA hunch matched the search results.

Name a famous Spanish explorer who had a great impact on each country.


Christopher Columbus, USA * I doubt Columbus was spanish though
Ferdinand Magellan, Philippines * Magellan was not spanish either. He just wasn't happy with Portugal oh... Grandma Hazel apologizes for the blab.

Who has the better shoe collection?
Imelda R. Marcos

Carrie Bradshaw
*Marie Antoinette

What is the shape of a football?
Don't want to stir up controversy.

What's the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?
Same damn thing stupid
Where they occur according to the dateline
One is intended to wipe out Florida the other is intended to keep relatives from moving in.
1 and 2
one is intended to ax crab mentality among pinoys; the other is intended to teach humility to humanity

What is the proper spelling of the word ' color '?
Don't want to stir up controversy.
color is American, colour is British. As to 'properness' I don't want to stir up controversy.

Who makes the best Pizza?
Pizza Hut
Lou Malnati's
Some dude in NYC
I'll just answer Pizza Hut because it is what we have here

Which country does Thom live closer to?

Who cares?
Who the heck is Thom?
Doesn't Thom live in Hawaii which is USA? and Philippines (to me at least) seems soooo far away from Hawaii.

Finally, tell us something great about your country.
If you are earning dollars you can easily buy an entire island. Contact me for more details. No, I don't do hard-core real estate but I may be able to lead you to someone who does nyahahah!

Harriet hosts

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  1. Charice Pempengco - what a voice. That is just the bomb!!! Thanks for sharing. :) ROFLMAO!!! Grandma Hazel and the blab. Oh come now...what would we do without her blab every once in a while :) How big is the Island? Curious minds want to know? Have a splendid week ahead :)

  2. Hehehehe! Imeldefic is the word! Good post Haz!

  3. Thom, average size if I remember it correctly, but should curious minds get serious I'll ring Paris (that's where the owner's friend lives) :))

    Ate Eb, yeah... she is! :)

  4. What a voice! She did better than Carrie Underwood did at the Superbowl tonight. No joke! And Charice wore better shoes, too.

    Your Monday Mayhem answers cracked me up! LOL

  5. Thanks for sharing Charice Pempengco with us. It was lovely to hear. :) Now onto your MM...always good. I was scratching my head with the Thom and the whole locale thing. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Ha! Good answers- and you are right....the actual 'Spanishness' of both is questionable.
    Linky went down so I had to add a new one. Oh well.
    Thanks for playing!

  7. I never heard of that song
    sound gooooooood :-)


  8. That was beautiful - I have no idea why I well up every time I hear that song sang beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing...


  9. Did Marie Antionette have a lot of hats? :)

  10. excellent outstanding voice.

  11. I love your answer sis, who cares just buy real estate from Des hehe. Crab mentality among pinoys will never change.

  12. Hmmm did Oceanic 815 make a flyby there? LOL



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