Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visas and Obsessions


When I reviewed my visa last month it was too late. I have already overstayed for 8 days. Multiply that by 500 and you're looking at a 4,000-baht fine. That does not include other expenses from re-acquiring a work permit and applying for a new visa twice because the first was legally snubbed. I bid another 9,000 baht adieu. At least I wasn't kicked out of the country. If I were then I would have just used a stronger resolve to visit Angkor Wat and go home for good.

So what was our liaison officer doing as liaison officer? See to it that foreign employees didn't overstay! She was just as much of a useless zombie as I was. When the zombies woke up, one did her part in solving the problem by settling the fine. The other did hers by going to and fro procuring special power of attorney, police certificates and contracts in less than 24 hours.

There was tension between the two old maid zombies. But the overstayer got to enjoy coffee at the government complex where Thai Immigration has moved to a new location. This is part of the ground floor

Banks, book shops, fast food counters, ice cream parlors, ICT needs, you name it. Thais know where to conduct business and cater to foreigners' needs

The second floor: look at all that space!

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Today we ripped this meme off a blogger and blog named Minnestota Mom.
We stole one of our first memes from her after we started this blog. That was back on September 7, 2008. The big difference is the Minnesota Mom actually wrote this meme! She tells us about herself: "My passions are reading, art in its many forms, and health. And I love cookies. Lots of cookies. Does that go with health? Probably not. But I loves ‘em anyway…" (We did add some questions to fit our format length.)

Instructions: Answer the Current Obession category and then explain WHY you chose that response. Easy enough? Thanks as always for playing!

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

Book: Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity, International Edition. There's an explanation in it that I need to jumpstart my case for an admissions committee

Snack: Oat patties. My kiddo loves them too, so I don't need to trouble myself inventing other snacks to be obsessed about

Restaurant: Banana Leaf. Desserts are superb

Beverage: Water. It's not just convenient, it's safe too

Decor: Calendar everywhere I go. Forgetful me needs to keep track of future days all the time

Actor: Edward Cullen. Being too old to obsess about him should keep me from being obsessed

Actress: Bella Swan. Same reason

Movie: Sherlock Holmes. Because I haven't seen it yet

TV show: Lost (on DVD). Love the adventure

Hobby: Memes. I wouldn't be blogging if they weren't.

Band: any old, outdated band. I love old

Song: Maybe the old songs.... Told yah I love old

Meme: Sunday Stealing. It's the one I'm dealing with right now, isn't it?

Blog: Mine. I thought it was apparent.

Lover: if you mean romantic, it's NO ONE.

Friend: C. It's just wonderful to have someone who loves the same pursuits as you do

Quote: Shaw's 'The single biggest problem of communication is the illusion that it has taken place.' I need to remember it, especially in the days to come.

Peeve: My kiddo crying instead of just saying what he wants. Gotta improve that

Sport: Shooting in the range. I get to know how cross-eyed I am or not

Singer: Whoever I'm featuring in my future posts. Gotta love vision

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  1. Okay I just gotta old were those old zombies? LOL And my friend, I'm amazed you let that Visa expire. Of course, it's something I know nothing about so I don't know if I would pay that close attention to them either. Love your Sunday Stealing :) The Blog and TV Show are my favorites :) WOOT!! Have a great Sunday :)

  2. Old enough to miss important duties, Thom. are right ... I can't believe how dead my brain was last month; must be global warming. The blog bit lol...

  3. ROFLMAO!!! Okay Ms. Unawares I'll by that. I died laughing LOL :)

  4. whoaaa really i forgot that your visa is almost to expire? and that officer needs to be replaced. i hope your school is gettign ready for your refund.

    i love the second floor space in the mall. great place for aerobics or even just walking with the right shoes.

    happy new year, zel! hope you will have a fab 2010!

    my owm is now up. :)


  5. Global warming
    its freezing here come over for a cooling down ...... LOL
    Your sunday stealing was fantastic
    nice to read :-)

  6. Are you obsess with old men too?

    I miss your cone of humour. I am too obsess with distractions.

    I pray those zoombies manage to keep you out of visa trouble. Sometimes, memory fails...

    Happy New Year and All the best.

    Do I need a calendar to remind me of days when to greet or wish someone Happy New Year?

    Wouldn't that be too obvious?

    Happy weekend's almost Monday here! But really feeling tired. That's the prize of being old. wink!

  7. Lol.. Thom, I got a new title huh... rofl!

    No refund for the fine, Len :( Regarding the 9T, I'll be lucky if I get 7T back. Must be really time to start looking for a better rathole.

    Anya, send some of the cold my way:) Airconditioning costs just as much as fines.

  8. Very interesting. I am glad everything is finally resolved.

  9. Bonnie, rather too old to be obsessed by young men :) Happy weekend to you too.

    Rajesh, yeah... until the next rernewal time which I hope I do not have to do anymore by getting out some time in the middle of the year?.... wishing wishing wishing lol

  10. I love old too...since I am!!

    Here's mine...I hope you can stop by--- Click here

  11. PS...Hazel, if you get the American brands of tea...look for herbal tea Celestial Seasons Green Tea with Mandarin. I love mandarin oranges. LOL

  12. two friends with the same likes and goals can mean danger for others it is so great for you to have a dear friend who share so many things with

  13. This place really is a haven for Pinoys! A very familiar Mister Donuts, I've seen them at airports too! OMG, look at the spacious second floor. Re: 9TBaht, that's a lot of money, you should not have to pay for it. Well, zombies indeed, if not old, let them pay.

    Enjoy, and maybe put the fine behind you, any besides all the calendars maybe a reminder on your outlook email.

    Happy blogging!

  14. gosh i hope you get your stuff all straightened out! :(

    great answers! i hear ya on the crying instead of just telling me what you want! thankfully my youngest is past that stage. it can be tough!

    hope you're having a great day and can't wait to see what you have for MM tomorrow!

  15. I'm kinda addicted to memes myself.

    Have a great day!

    Join us for Monday Mayhem

  16. I love the old songs, too. Great job. Happy Sunday, my friend...

  17. Ouch, di bale sis madatung ka naman eh hehehe. Kaya dapat gagawa ka ng organizers and reminders para di mo nalilimutan important dates.. Oopps sowi for the unsolicited advice nyahahaha. Goodluck, sana they grant you all those.

    Snow Angel



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