Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Herb Wagon

Whilst strolling the grounds of St Mary' s church in Scarborough, I was humming "parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme..." All I saw though was Anne Bronte's grave in the shadow of Scarborough Castle. Of course Scarborough Fair ended in 1788. Showing up in 2006 was rather late. I didn't get the T-shirt but I got the mug from which I sipped coffee yesterday in the faculty lounge. With Sherri Buck Baldwin's lovely painting on it, moccona has never tasted better.

Either you are like me - curious at what's on a painting or fond of herbs for whatever purpose, 'tis sweet of the manufacturer to have contents of the Herb Wagon written in gothic-like font around the mug: (I collect mugs)

1. Lavender, Angelica
2. Lemon Verbena, Ginger Mint
3. Tarragon, Bee Balm
4. Fennel, Lovage
5. Meadowsweet, Chervil
6. Star Anise, Artemisa
7. Marjoram, Chicory
8. Oregano, Sage, Thyme
9. Dill, Saffron, Bay Leaf
10. Sweet Basil, Coriander, Cilantro
11. Parsley, Chives, Garlic
12. Savory, Sweet Cicely, Rosemary
13. Yarrow, Catmint, Sweet Woodruff

Any favorite?

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  1. It's been a while since I last participated to this meme hehehe, wala ng time ang lola. Kumusta ka dyan lovely lady?

  2. I collect mugs, the lavender!

  3. It's like a matching game. A goes with 1 and B with 7...

    My TT is at

  4. I haven't heard of 1/2 of those LOL.

  5. oi sis, ako rin halos wala na. blog ako hating gabi or madaling araw when my alaga is snoring :)

    Janet, nice to know another mug collector. I love lavender too

    Alice, that rather adds 'cheeriness' to my list :)

    Thom, neither have I. All the while I thought Angelica was a girl's name, and now it's an herb...? lol!

  6. We use a lot of spices in our meals and most of those in your list have been used in them. Fresh cilantro is one of my favorites. What a pretty picture for the mug.

  7. Mmmmmmmmm, dill weed. I love the aroma. And it brings back fond memories of my youth when my mother would slave over a hot stove, canning dill pickles.

    My Thursday 13 is posted: HERE [scroll below my Thursday Thunks to view if you decide to pay me a visit! I'd love your company!!]

    Have a great day!!

  8. Very cool. I'm a tea drinker too!

  9. I breathe lavender oil to calm my emotions and to help me sleep. It works!

  10. Great list of herbs. Some of my favorites were mentioned.

    Have a great Thursday!

  11. I started to collect mugs, then realized I wasn't using them and all they were doing was collecting dust, so... no more mugs.

  12. Interesting meme
    funny to read :-)

    Enjoy your day



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