Friday, January 29, 2010

Purple Pack Rat

Friday's Fave Five: Pack Rat
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Time piece

I woke up on Wednesday morning to find my alarm clock registering 8.10 a.m. "Since I'm already late," I acknowledged the verdict as I yawned my way to the shower, "I might as well prepare Cj's breakfast and eat with him before I go." When I arrived in the computer room at work, I got a happy surprise: the time was 7.55, not 8.55. Yes! I wasn't late after all. My clock has served me quite well for more than 7 years, and even in its old and malfunctioning age has done so to my advantage. This must be why sometimes I am a pack rat.


With Mommyhood, a full-time job and work on PhD applications going full-blast, whatever little time I have left for cooking is all wiped out and I raise my hands up in surrender. I am thankful that restaurants are readily available which means Cj and I do not go hungry. We've been having dinners out the entire week and I'm grateful that the menu at our choice japanese restaurant is balanced and nourishes us just fine.

Hongkong & Macau flights confirmed and paid

That's a big chunk off my to-do list. CJ and I send our thank-you hugs to super duper Uncle Nuj for booking our trip online.

Lovely chat with C
It started off with champagne at the cruise we're going to do in Hongkong and ended with best wishes on each other's future plans. We dreamed. Who knows what we old maids invent in our fiercely stubborn little heads when we chat? When it happens, I'll be happy to share it with friends.

Related research

In the course of scouring journal and research databases, I discovered that major variables of my former professors' recent research are not too far from what I have been putting so much time on. I am feeling the highs.

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Friday Photo Flashback: Purple
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Purple is my favorite color. This must be one reason why I quickly wandered into this part of a not so secret garden. I was a newly-wed when I toured the north of Thailand 8 years ago. This is the Princess Mother's garden in Chiangmai. I loved it there. With beauty all around and a temperature below 28C all I need is a mug of coffee with a Jane Austen classic and I could spend a good few hours either admiring or despising Mrs Bennet's matchmaking skills.


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  1. How beautiful!! Love the colors!

  2. What a lovely photo of you in this purple garden! I love how you can imagine yourself sitting there with a good Jane Austen book; a true romantic at heart. Love it.


  3. Here is also all purple
    its the color at the moment :-)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL picture - of you and the flowers!! So pretty ~ ♥

  5. I love that picture of you in the flowers! It's just beautiful.

    Hong Kong and Macau .... oh I'm jealous! You and CJ will have such fun! When does this big event take place?

    Restaurants do have a time and a place - and being the chief cook and dishwasher for a busy mom is perfect! Keeps them in business and gives you a break! :)

    Glad you're starting to see the fruits of your labor!

    Have a great week Hazel!

  6. Alicia, I love the colors too.

    Debbie, sometimes I ignore it, this being romantic at heart, but out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh :)

    Anya, isn't purple just lovely? :)

    imPerfect Housewife, thanks

    Melli, in April :) About restaurants, that's where I head to when I get overwhelmed with too many things at once. But this week restaurants were a necessity.

  7. Restaurants are saving graces sometimes, I do agree! =D Glad you have one you enjoy!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Hazel, It's lovely to 'see' you in that photo. Flower gardens become you!

    I know how much work those applications are and how long they take to finish (my son was doing that last year), but the fruits of that labor are worth it. And the prepared meals are a true blessing!

    Have a happy weekend!

  9. Beautiful photo of you enveloped in purple! I like it. Good restaurants are a real treat and I'm glad you can get the nourishment you need so you can concentrate on your work load. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, purple too, and what a beautiful picture of you among the pretty purple flowers. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  11. Hong Kong and Macau sounds great.
    I notice that about Thailand - there is food everywhere, and all kinds of cuisine.

    Love the purple in the photo and so nice to see you!

  12. Great pic of you in that lovely garden! The colors are gorgeous!

    Restaurants are awesome when one is totally overwhelmed with everything else.

  13. Panalo ang posing natin sis hehehe. Kala ko naligaw ako ng blog kasi iba na yung layout hehehe..

    New Born Days

  14. I love Japanese food as well and particularly enjoy eating it out because I've never tried making it at home.

    Sounds like a good week.

  15. Gorgeous photo...I love all the color and you right in the center of it all. Perfect composition.

  16. I finished my Master's thesis about four months ago, so I know well those research highs -- it's a great thing!

    Here's to chats and dreams.

    Happy weekend!

  17. Beautiful picture with all those flowers!

  18. What a great story about your alarm clock. Glad it worked out that way! Sounds like you have some interesting travel coming up. Wow.

  19. some times things are meant to be your post sounds wonderful



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