Friday, January 15, 2010

Newborn Days and Foggy Mornings

Friday's Fave Five: Foggy Mornings
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Refund. The business office refunded my visa problem expenses. I had to pay the fine but they took care of everything else which was a pleasant surprise as I didn't expect them to and I already conditioned my mind to face a few deprivations. A colleague who is privy to the vice president told me, "They refunded you because they need you." I don't know whether I should believe it. Foreign employees are sometimes treated like necessary evil around here. But well, it's the refund that's the fave.

Foggy mornings. I counted two early mornings of fog. I could not see buildings 2 minute-walk away. The illusion of cold made me smile.

Bible Heroes, Ceejay's new DVD interest. He never wanted to watch it when he was 3. I'm glad he's back to christian stuff. For now it's goodbye, Buddhism.

Phone conversation with Mama. Mozart's (on left side bar below Ceejay) christmas treats were delayed because the ATM would not release cash. The situation dragged on until the other day. Mama said Mozart was already sulking. When I had it sorted, the bank computers said an incorrect PIN was entered 3x. Mama had to admit she pressed the wrong numbers after insisting she didn't. I teased her that someone was worse than I when it comes to forgetfulness. The conversation lightened up even more when I asked her what's the sound in her background and she explained that she was at Mrs G's attending a party. "Oh... say hello to my MIL that never was," I mused and it was her turn to tease me. We ended up laughing like silly girls.

Mrs Flowers. The box says Thailand's 1st sugar-free, premium chocolate. Maltitol is used. Yum.

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Mommy Moments: Newborn Days
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Ceejay was born on a Sunday. I went shopping on Thursday that same week. I had so many unanswered questions about mothering that I just had to get out to see if the world was still right. The answers I relied on were only those by Dr Spock in written form and from overseas calls to my mother in PI. Then there were those unread gradschool books that I had to stare at before classes resumed the next week. It was a bit chaotic.

But I have to admit those days were fun and exciting, and I wouldn't exchange the experience for the world! We had breastfeeding issues and Ceejay had to be bottlefed. A few days from the hospital I had these moments with Ceejay where I thought of printing lip marks all over his face before giving him a bath. I used my phone to capture the lipstick job which was erased as he moved too much.

In the arms of his Dad...

and with me a few more days later. Is it obvious that a few minutes before this shot was taken I had a little accident in the garage? It happens when you gallivant through hammers and wheels in high heels. But there were sleepless nights to brace myself for so I had to regain the poise at once.

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  1. This is one of your best Mommy Moments to date. What cute photos. And I can so picture the kisses. Just wonderful.

  2. What a cute little baby boy!! And he is STILL CUTE! Which doesn't always happen you know. ;)

  3. Nice photos mommy. I love the quote you express here like
    "I have to admit those days were fun and exciting, and I wouldn't exchange the experience for the world!"
    Happy weekend hugs!

  4. agree with Thom... this is by far the most enjoyable Mommy Moments to date.

  5. I haven tried the lipstick marks both of my daughters becuase I was too paranoid of giving them allergies wahhh I so miss that lipstick thing, i bet it was funny mine is here thanks

  6. Our kids are so precious, that no matter how hard the whole duration of pregnancy was, we won't have any doubts of doing it again and again and again. I have 4, so..

    I can tell how much you treasure your baby Ceejay. He's so lucky to have such a loving mother..

  7. super sweet naman with the lipstick mark :)our newborn days are to be cherished talaga, we cross this path once for every little angel who will come.

  8. That was a GREAT Mommy Moment! Sweet memories for sure!

    3 CHEERS for Ceejay's new DVD choices! I wish getting rid of Buddhism was sO easy with a 32 year old! Maybe I should give her Veggie Tales! Having Ceejay fulltime is already proving beneficial! :)

  9. Some great faves and wonderful mommy moments. I love that you enjoyed those foggy moments!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Adorable baby pictures!

    I'm glad your visa issues were sorted out in the best way possible for you.

    Love foggy mornings. Fog enthralls me. It's so mysterious. And it's sorta amazing to think fog is really a cloud sitting down on the ground. The thought that I'm walking or driving through a cloud is somehow really cool.

  11. My son is three also. I LOVE this age! I'm so glad you have your little boy to enjoy.

    Hope you have a great weekend! (And YAY for refunds too, btw!!!)

  12. how cute! :) love that red lips of your angel!

    have a happy weekend!
    u may view mine here

  13. I love the way you say the fog created an "illusion of cold". Those of us who have lived in warmer climates know you sometimes want that cold, even for just a little while.

    Your mommy moment was very cute :)

  14. He was
    SO SWEET little baby :-)
    Thanks for sharing your privat shots .......... LOL

    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  15. Sweet baby pictures and lovely FAVS here ... thanks so much for sharing both. Glad you got the Visa thing sorted out.
    Hugs and blessings,
    Small Reflections

  16. Isn’t it nice when you get an unexpected refund?

    Bible heroes are the best—such great stories. Hope Ceejay enjoys them!

  17. your photo with Ceejay is beautiful! :D i really love looking through newborn pictures.. it brings back great memories, doesnt it?

  18. what a cute babe and some great mommy moments.
    Love the Bible hero interest and how you say it's Goodbye to Buddhism, for now.
    again lovely photos and thanks for sharing.

  19. your baby is such an angel ;)

    Here's my MM entry, check it out too.

  20. those are cute photos and you are one glamorous Mommy!

  21. lipstick marks.. so cute! now, why didn't i think of that? =)

  22. Didn't we all moms went nostalgic remembering our kids' newborn days? Those are certainly one of the most stressful but certainly beautiful moments in our lives as moms. Happy Mommy Moments!



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