Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The cake that cost me an overseas holiday

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The Can't-Shut-Up version: It was the kiddo's 5th birthday. I was busy at work and didn't have time to look for a cake that was not as girly as this. I feared he wouldn't like it and he didn't. He was then on a tantrum-at-every-turn phase. When he saw this cake he gave me an appalled look. What? no Ultraman, Mom?  He cried. I felt so sorry for him. Guilt was written on my forehead while tantrum was looming on the MacDonald's horizon. The guests have arrived and in a snap I promised him all the heroes on his next cake and bribed him with Hong Kong Disneyland if he would not make a scene at his party. He managed to show enough decent behavior the whole time. The next year we flew Air Asia to Macau and ferried our butts to Hong Kong. Boys!   


  1. Cost you a holiday? Wow! Well it looks beautiful!

  2. Yes, it did. Wait... maybe I should edit this post and add a few lines to support that title. I'll do that :)

  3. Beautiful cake.... and costly. :)

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  4. Never get a heart cake for a boy. Never!

  5. What an expensive cake...hehehehehe...good cry little boy. ^_^

  6. better give that kind of cake to your hubby surely he'll like it

  7. What a great story! Quick thinking on your part and glad you kept your promise!



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