Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comfort reading

In this post: Booking Through Thursday and Thursday Thirteen

How do storms affect your reading? Do you go for comfort reading?

How do you deal with power outages? Do you read by candlelight? Flashlights? Use a self-lit e-reader or tablet? Skip reading altogether for the duration and instead play games with the family?

Let it pour, let the thunder roll, let the lightning crack by the window. The more furious the storm, the more likely I am to bury myself in a book.  I experienced using a flashlight but only once or twice and very quickly each time. Back home power outages often occurred as soon as the sun set. I would watch my mother read her Bible with a little gas lamp; moths hover around the light and then drop one by one. We would linger in the living room after vespers waiting for electricity to come back. When it didn't the parents would play scrabble by candlelight while I would leaf through a book, end up reading a few pages before falling asleep.

Thursday Thirteen: Books I bought just for the delight of owning themThe first four are coffee table books. The rest are bought for the European countryside in them, ancient architecture, ideas for keeping books, Asperger Syndrome, and so on.  I'm having a great time with them. These are 13 books I recently added to my bookshelf -

1 A guide to photographing landscapes and gardens (2002) Busselle
2 Irish houses and castles (1971) Desmond Guinness and William Ryan
3 Living with books  (1999) Alan Powers
4 Creative Country Decorating  (1996) Ward Lock Book
5 Senryu: poem of the people (1991) J.C. Brown
6 Books that changed the world (1983) Robert B. Downs
7 Dear John (2006) Nicholas Sparks
8 Nights in Rodanthe (2002) Nicholas Sparks
9 The Jane Austen book club (2004) Karen Joy Fowler
10 The house of seven gables (1988 Tom Doherty Asso) Nathaniel Hawthorne
11 The brethren (2000) John Grisham
12 The girl with the dragon tattoo (2008) Stieg Larsson
13 Speeches that changed the world (2010) Simon Sebag Montefiore


  1. Your evenings playing Scrabble sounds like a great way to deal with the storms.

    Here's MY BTT POST

  2. a book on senryu. I've not seen before. checking out living with books.

  3. I haven't read The Jane Austen Book Club, but people keep suggesting I should. I'm putting it on my to-read list. :)

  4. Heh. There was one hurricane I recall in Florida when I read Stephen King's Bag of Bones during a power outage by the window, trying to catch all of the last light to finish a chapter. Once darkness fell, I used a flashlight to finish the chapter. A few hours later the power came back, but we were surrounded by water (our house was on a tiny little hill, so I just kept reading until the waters receded.

    Heaven knew I wouldn't be able to sleep! LOL!

    Happy TT!

  5. Hey Hazel,
    You've got some great books. I'm adding The Jane Austen Book Club to my list.

  6. I think I'd like the book on Irish castles. I read The Jane Austen Book Club after it was recommended to me a few years ago, and thought it pretty good. The House of Seven Gables is somewhere in Mount TBR -- I may actually get to it one of these days.

  7. A book usually takes your mind off the storm.

  8. What a yummy TT. It seems I'm always taking books out (to library sales). There just isn't enough room.

  9. I have an overly large to-read pile at the moment. I seem to be buying books to collect and not to read as I age. But I think that is okay. I hope to get them read someday.

  10. I think I would like the Irish Castles book. I read *The Jane Austen Book Club* a few years ago--it was pretty good. *The House of Seven Gables* is languishing somewhere in Mount TBR. I may actually get to it some day! *grin*



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