Friday, November 2, 2012

Chicago Live in Bangkok

What is your motivation for watching a concert?

Chicago goes live in Bangkok on Friday, November 2nd at Impact Arena. These are artists whose work  resonate with many in varied ways. I can't resist seeing them for real. Tickets seemed to be selling fast when I bought mine last month. All those moments listening to their hits years ago... I wonder what kind of emotions will I feel or what memories will come back to me when I watch them tomorrow night.

Thai Ticket Major, the company that sells tickets to every huge concert and other forms of entertainment in the kingdom, provides info about the American rock band on their site. It is my first time to be acquainted with the names of the band members. Peter Cetera is not on the list. Never mind. I saw him during David Foster's concert last year.  There was also a list of Chicago hits and honestly I am not at all familiar with many of them. But I am hoping to hear them sing You're The Inspiration, Will You Still Love Me, Hard Habit to Break, and Hard to Say I'm Sorry at least. Just these four and I'll be one happy old maid until the next household name concert.

You know how Google translate is. When I pasted some info in Thai, it showed Toyota Camry (must be the sponsor), World Tour Concert, best American rock band, platinum award, more than 22 albums, crowned Billboard charts, and a line that cracked me up - "all music is perfect music at 40 years old."

Oh yes... 40s and loving all this rocking!


  1. Even if I'm at the age of 20s, I appreciate their songs as influenced by my mother.. Enjoy the concert!

  2. Is that the Chicago band, I love their musics. They have great love songs.

  3. Chicago is such a classic play and I'm sure people in Bangkok will enjoy it.

  4. I'm a bit ypunger (just a tiny bit only, haha) and I love them! I wish I could watch them too. =)



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