Thursday, May 31, 2012

Encouragement: Colorado power pack and a giveaway

Encouragement. Don't we all need that?!

Unless you are a super natural being you need encouragement, just like any normal person. We are talking of the type that we need for day to day living.

As a working mother I need lots of encouragement and tips on how to run my household while raising a boy whose hyperactivity often coincides perfectly with times I tidy a certain part of our home. One minute everything's in order. The next I see the same things crumble right where they are like a sand castle dissolving in a rush of waves.

The Colorado power pack audio set by Lorie Flem works nicely for me. It is an audio bundle filled with help, suggestions and yes, encouragement for wives, mothers, or women contemplating a home and family. As I listened to it, I nodded several times, thinking 'how true!' or 'haven't I encountered that situation before?' 'How did I survive it, I wonder....'

This audio set is filled with inspiring examples of women in the Bible who, just like you and me, are wives and mothers who also had issues and struggles of their own.  They had personalities. They had attitudes. Exactly just like us. If they can be successful in their roles in those days so can we.

Check out these valuable inclusions in the bundle:

  • Keys to a queenly castle

  • Attitude Adjustments

  • Encouragement for the weary homeschooler

  • Cheerful children and challenging chores

  • Teach so they'll learn

  • Dawdling or diligence

  • Welcome home, Daddy

  • Doing enough and fortifying the foundation

Ladies, take this hint I got from the set: there's a way you can impact a certain thing when your husband walks through the door.

You can find out what is that and more from for $29.97

And the giveaway: Get a copy of this audio bundle for yourself here. Leave a comment by May 31st. The winner will be notified via email.

I received this product as part of the Gabby Moms review program in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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  1. Nice giveaway. Too bad. I miss the deadline. Encouragement can do wonders in our lives so always hold on to you hope and be the hope!

  2. Hi Lizzie, next time there's a giveaway, I'll let you know earlier. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Oh Wow! I'll make sure to share this to my cousin who has a very hyperactive 5-year old. She'll surely benefit from this.

  4. what a great article and giveaway. we all need encouragement and listening to this video would be inspiring.

  5. I love tips that I can listen to my phone I want that audio tips

  6. this books sounds inspiring. i am a busy mom. at the end of a heavy house chores, i sometimes get saddened by thought like "what if, what if"...

  7. wow, that is so cool. it really helps to keep on learning especially for the EQ part and that's what's that bundle is good for.

  8. I still haven't tried audio books. I guess I'd love to try this when I already have plans of starting my own family.. :)

  9. wow, this is like me reading myself...lols. Thhis coincidentally brings our circuit overseer's talk earlier, of how encouragement and appreciation can bring out the best in a person...because God is like that to us...he is roving about to praise us as opposed to Satan who accuses us in front of God...Thanks! Wasn't able to join hihi but glad you got the best from this giveaway.

  10. uh forgot the link to the giveaway form. Maybe next time

    Isn't it great how Lorrie uses Biblical examples we can learn from today?

  11. different people, different levels of self confidence and all we need is encouragement from our loved ones. we have that need to know that there are people who beleive in us.

  12. Encouragement is something everyone needs, though I need it most now. =) I am honestly lacking "will power" on something I need to decide on. This is something to try.

  13. Nope. It's right on 'here' :) Thanks for dropping by.

  14. I think we all need a daily dose of motivation :)

    That looks to be a great source of inspiration for women and mothers :)

  15. a wonderful giveaway that helps you learn and be strong :-) Dropping by from Mommy Moments.

  16. that seems like a good material.. i was too late! :)

  17. Such a very valuable material :) Wish I joined.



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