Friday, May 18, 2012

Dust off

"Don't look at my feet, Grandma so you can not see that it's dirty," says CJ when he does not want to take a shower before bed.

Good heavens where did he get that? I always washed my feet before I went to bed when I was a little girl.  And CJ's Dad always showered. Our conversations at least didn't have indications that former Mom-in-law had isuues with ex-hubster on taking showers when he was CJ's age.

Honestly I am amused. But perhaps because I am not directly in line at the moment to deal with such 21st century child's progress in reasoning.

Good old psychology has been right all along to observe that 'little boys don’t take baths, they just dust off.' That takes me to a tantrum he threw in Hong Kong because I forced him to take a shower. 

Sometimes now I think I should have just let him dust off, although I don't think it should apply to dirty feet in bed. How long would this argument last, I wonder, but he's a boy and I'm just his mom learning, learning, learning.

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  1. Kids these days really know how to reason out. They're so smart! I always lose arguments with my 5-year-old. Lol!

  2. Very smart kid! Iba na talaga mga bata ngayun!

  3. Hahahaha, very smart boy. Baka maunahan ka pa nyan maging lawyear sis lol. Thanks for joining Color Connection!

  4. keep it from lola so no need to wash, nice! he now knows how to reason out and only smart kids can do that :)

  5. boys are always boys...they want to play with the dirt :-) Dropping by from Color Connection

  6. wait till the boy turns older and you will realize that his reasoning like a lawyer...matatalino talaga mga bata ngayon or perhaps they are more free to express themselves now unlike us before,

    please do check out my brother singing and Motherhood is Love

  7. boys will be boys. what is it with taking a shower that they detest so much?!



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