Friday, February 24, 2012

Kiddie Fest: sack race partners

"They got second place in the sack race. I asked Maybelle to accompany him. They're getting ready for the mass dance now."

That was my mother's SMS on February 17th.  I had forgotten that CJ was in Marbel for the Kiddie Fest, a children's activity organized by the Department of Education, participated in by both public and private school children.

Reality poked me again:  I am doing long-distance parenting right now and have to live with bits and pieces of this arrangement until we snag a better option. Fortunately I can be grateful and happy for the presence of loved ones in my son's life while I am not physically around.

Maybelle is my deceased cousin's youngest daughter. I took this photo of her and CJ goofing at home last summer. I am glad they get along well.  Thank you, Maybelle for being CJ's sack race partner.

I imagine myself leaping about with a 7 year-old in a sack. My mind flies back to a parade of high heels and work suits in my apartment, and I feel like bursting into laughter.  The funny feeling should at least soothe missing the fun of my son's activities.

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  1. Mommy and son as sack race partners, that's truly an event to remember! I didn't know that CJ is now here in the Philippines; that must have been really hard for the two of you, but hey, you can always check on him and vice versa, thanks to the wonders of technology!

  2. i'd love to introduce this sack race game to my kids. So much childhood memories on this Filipino game as well.

  3. Long distance parenting must be really hard but your happy thought would have to be that he's in good hands. Take care. Visiting for MM :)

  4. You are doing such a great job, Mommy with your long distance parenting! I am sure it isn't easy at all, but you're still there for your son!

    Visiting for MM! Thanks for your hop to mine! :)

  5. Napapaiyak naman ako dito sis. It is really hard to be away to love ones let alone your own child.

    Here for Mommy Moments, My Entry

  6. i have lots of friends who are on the same boat as yours in terms of long distance parenting, but by God's grace, they do well ;) CJ seems to be surrounded with family members who takes care of him and love him equally as you do, and that's truly a blessing a mom like you can be happy and thankful of :)

    thanks for joining Happiness Is. see you there again next week for another round of happy posts :)

  7. yay! congrats for winning on the sack race, that must be fun playing :-) it is a great exercise too :-) Visiting from Mommy Moments, hope that you can return the visit too.

  8. the first time na iniwan ko ang baby ko ng 2days because of seminar..I cried..hahaha..
    saludo ako sayo mommy...your strong!
    Visiting from Mommy Moments entry #13.
    My Mommy MOments
    Have a nice day!

  9. thank God for families. you have peace of mind that you're son is well taken care of while you're away. My sister-in-law is doing long distance parenting as well. My brother, a lights and sounds technician, set up speakers all over their house and a cam so that she can talk to her sons and see what they're doing when she's home from work. It's almost like she's inside the house. Works for them. All that's missing is the warmth of her hug. visiting for Mommy Moments.

  10. I admire you for your courage and for the sacrifices, one day it will all be worth it, hang in there...late visit for MM!

  11. i know how it feels.. i left mine when he was 4months. =( but its ok.. it was worth sacrificing. but look at us now../ we are together forever. good to know he is doing well.

    from Happiness!

  12. i admire you for your courage and strength and being able to endure being away from your son. anyway, just holler if you have any other questions on homeschooling :) take care!

  13. [...] calls that last usually an hour or so and expensive phone bills are part of LDP or long – distance parenting. The latter element of this reality changed a bit when a cousin sold me a 45-minute worth of [...]



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