Thursday, February 2, 2012

Books on fire

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Have you ever read a random book left in a waiting room or on a park bench, etc., and did you like it?

Often I wonder when will I experience this. I mean finding a book left somewhere which happens to be something I would like to read. Yesterday I browsed the latest arrivals at Kinokuniya. By the time I noticed that I have been standing by the shelves for almost an hour on 3-inch heels, I was tired and sat on a bench where I found some YA fiction left by the inventory staff. I read parts of the first chapter, but aware that the book had to be accounted for in only a few minutes, I put it back on the bench and went to discover a very attractive spot - the Charles Dickens Bicentennial Anniversary collection. Ah... party! Now if i found one of those left on a park bench, I would warm that bench.

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Book: The Wise Woman by Philippa Gregory

3rd sentence: "The walls were orange and scarlet, with the bobbing light of reflected flames, and I could hear yells of angry, rioting men."

Thoughts: It's like a scene in a movie, or that night when I and my roommates were awakened to be told that the administration building was on fire, a memory one could not easily forget. I remember feeling so worried and terrified for the nearby library. The fire was speeding to its direction. Even now nineteen years later, I could hear the crackling flames and see students running here and there. Much like this opening scene in Gregory's The Wise Woman, I relate with the main character as she woke up in chaos. She in an abbey, I in a boarding college dormitory on a hill.

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  1. Interesting answer for BTT. Once while working as a cataloguer, I got a glimpse of a book of a cover that I liked that was going to a school in the district I was working for and was intrigued by the book that I found a copy at the local public library and actually enjoyed it. Not exactly what I think BTT was asking this week.

    But here is my answer anyways:

  2. I came to read your BTT answer, which I liked...and then went on to read the Third Sentence Thursday. I may have to participate in this one soon!

    Here's MY THEME THURSDAYS POST - and here’s

  3. I would pick up a random book in a bookstore or something like that sure. But not so sure in public. Here's my BTT.

    Happy Reading!
    Cathy @ Addicted to Books

    Never heard of third sentence thursday, that's cute will have to check it out for next wee.

  4. Hi: Yes - I haven't found any books lying around either, but I chose to write about another type of "found" book here: Happy reading, Ruby

  5. Instead of using the word "fire," she describes the colors. It really makes what's happening more frightening. Sorry you had a personal experience with an alert about fire.

  6. That's a great third sentence from that book. I haven't read that one yet, but I love Gregory's writing.

    Thanks for playing along! :-)

  7. I often find yummy books in bazaars---normally costs 8€ but I get them for .50cents. This reminded me of one of my favorite films, Whisper of the heart...a hopeless romantic me would say; while you're reading, the book owner comes back and impossible as it could be - he turns out to be a hunk that looks like Channing Tatum, you talked about the book so and so and the rest is history...hahah so much for imagining. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. wanting to experience the pachinko (slot machine) parlors in japan, i was surprised to see a library in their waiting room. there, i was able to read the complete volumes (tankobon) of some of the animes whose endings were not aired. what i enjoyed most was learning about the furoshiki, like how i could fold an ordinary scarf for a bookbag. best of all, you can read them in a massage chair.

  9. Furoshiki is new to me and sounds very interesting I would research it. Thanks for sharing your story, Jani. I love it.



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