Friday, February 10, 2012

Airport flowers

A one and a half, early morning flight from Manila usually arrives in Gensan when the sun is blazing. Too hot. I understand why this flower has wilted. Looking at all these DSLR products everywhere tells me this shot is blurred. I am a little dissatisfied of it myself but I am keeping it for good reason.

And that is because my son gave it to me at the airport.

A friend passed through the same airport a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering if this was the same flower as the one my son gave me.

It looks like a flowering tree. I never gave it any other notice beyond vaguely thinking it's pretty and that's that. But I guess now you would know why I think it is more than just pretty.

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  1. So sweet of your son to have given you that beautiful flower! I don't wonder anymore why you find the flower pretty; it came from the person dearest to you.

  2. How sweet of your son! Parang same din sila nong nasa second photo. :-)

    BTW, I am also from Gensan ;-)

  3. Ang sweet naman po ng son nyo! :)

  4. Oh, i'm so touched for you with your son's gesture. Truly sweet of him and happiness indeed!

    Visiting from happiness is!

  5. They have the similarity so I guess it is the same flower. Your son is so sweet, you are such a lucky mom. Visiting from Happiness.

  6. sino namang mommy ang hindi ma-ha-happy nyan, right? :)

    visiting you for Happiness Is. thanks again for joining. i hope to see you again next week for another round of happy posts ^^

  7. I think the flower came from the same kind of tree :)

    How sweet of your son :)

    my MM this week

  8. such a sweet child! motherhood becomes more fulfilling with gestures like this from our kids. And yes, i think it's the same tree. i have seen that kind of flower in our field trip last year. visiting for happiness is...

  9. glad you landed safely that is the best part :-) Visiting from Happiness is... hope that you can return the visit too.

  10. How sweet naman your son... Simple gestures like that makes us mom proud and super happy talaga.

    Visiting you from Happiness is :)

  11. glad to see you got your new domain.. and for joining us at mommy moments again. missed reading your posts!

    your boy is growing up quite fine :)

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