Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spook and 14

Our Weekend Memoirs: Halloween on Khao San
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Perhaps more than usual, Khao San Road, advertised as the gateway to Southeast Asia, was alive with the dead last Sunday. This was my first time to ever be in a halloween party.

halloween merchandise on Talat Yod

I wanna pour Bloody Mary into that silly, gaping mouth

On FB I asked, "does he need a mammogram, doc?" The reply was "maybe the girls beside him...." Wahahah!

Edward and Jacob didn't show up. If they did I swear I would have gone bloody bonkers, a nosebleed at least and worse than these decomposing kids at most.

This baby has gotten away with curfew.

Seated at last with our halloween chow.

Ebie and Arlene host Our Weekend Memoirs

Sunday Stealing: The 14 Question Meme

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger named Jayne at the blog Journey Through Grace. She states that she was tagged by her friend The Bug at the blog Bug Eye's View. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

1. What do you consider your hometown to be? an hour by plane from the capital

2. What’s the hardest part of your average day? when computers crash and deadlines are hours away

3. The easiest? Why? when I swipe my finger to sign out

4. What beverage do you reach for to quench your thirst? water

5. What is one not-so-secret goal you have for your life? I’ll let you keep your secret ones to yourself. Obviously, to have it all

6. What physical pain do you fear most? For example, I’m trying to decide how bad my jaw pain needs to get before I risk a potential needle from my dentist. So, for me, throbbing is preferable to jabbing. I hate pain but I don't necessarily fear it. What makes me afraid is when I don't know what to do to fix the problem.

7. Where do you find solace? high tea

8. What makes you the saddest when you read/see the news? innocents afflicted by natural calamities

9. What do you eat for a favorite snack? cashew nuts and raisins

10. What movie could you/would you watch more than two or three times and still enjoy just as much as the first time? period masterpieces that show a lot of quaint countryside

11. What boy/girl first made you cry? a crazy big cousin

12. What brand of coffee/tea do you drink most often? I'm not keen on brands. Ask me the place

13. Dig in the dirt with or without garden gloves? with gloves preferably

14. James Taylor or Carly Simon? They are both fabulous; can't choose

Bud Weiser hosts Sunday Stealing


  1. OMG Hazel
    Halloween looks really scary
    in your country :(

    (There is no Halloween in Dutch,
    we have only carnival ;)

    Have a nice evening
    Hugs also for Cj & Mozart
    we missed you very much ....

    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. kim, the horror movie extra wannabe? LOL!

  3. Anya, really? but do you have some kind of equivalent to halloween? I missed you and Kareltje too!

  4. I thought I was going to get crashed on yesterday while working.

    Have a great day!

    Join us for Monday Mayhem!

  5. Leaving work is always a joyless occasion! Happy Sunday!

  6. Harriet, oh... glad you're ok :)

  7. Bud, leaving work is joyous to me, lol

  8. I am surprised that they do Halloween stuff in a predominantly Buddhist country.

    That boob lady, all I can say is, both of them are "saging"

  9. OMG!!Really scary!!Mapapaiyak yata ang mga anak ko dyan!Hope my kids would experience scary halloween here,too.

    Our Weekend Memoirs

    Have a nice week ahead!

  10. Nice captures.. funny and spooky at the same time...

    Pixellicious Photos



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