Monday, November 29, 2010

Shopping gets in the way

Musical Monday & Monday's Music Moves Me: Words Get in the Way
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Something's whirling in my head. It made me stall in the middle of a wide space between university buildings yesterday. Thank goodness I am blogging as it helps me realize this insanity is hardly rocket science. Here's Gloria Estefan moving me, "there is so much I want to say but it's locked deep inside..."

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Monday Mayhem: Give us your shopping tips!
With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we want to hear your shopping tips for the situations below.

1. You mention to your neighbor, with the body odor, that you are heading out to the mall in the morning. Neighbor asks to go with. What do you say? Tell him/her that there's been a change of plans.

2. You go up and down every aisle in the parking lot until you finally scope out that perfect place. You patiently pull over to the side and put your signal on to wait for the person pulls out. Someone snags your spot before you can pull in. What do you do? Breathe deeply. Count 1-100. Let it go. I'm not growing wrinkles for low people like that.

3. You find that perfect sweater for grandpa and it's the last one in that size. Some lady with three screaming kids approaches you and asks for the sweater for her husband who is deployed in Iraq. What do you do? I will give it up for her. She's the one with screaming kids and a husband far away and in constant danger, not I. Grandpa will understand.

4. You found the perfect gift for your best friend and you notice that there are no less than 100 people in line in front of you. Unfortunately, you just drank 3 cups of coffee before you entered the store. What do you do? Find another perfect gift elsewhere.

5. You're within 10 people of the checkout after waiting in line for 40 minutes and the person in front of you lets three people in line- he was just saving the spot. What do you do? They better get ready for a howler.

6. You get to the check out and your card is declined. What do you do? Use cash, always carry enough cash.

7. forgot to buy something for Aunt Edna. Do you regift the fruit cake George from next door gave you? Brace myself for a mouthful and let it pass thru the other ear. I'm a patient niece if Aunt Edna revises her will in my favor. Ops, kidding.

8. Are you planning on doing most of your shopping in the stores or online this year? If I haven't made this clear yet, well, I love shopping. But I'm doing something important right now. And if I don't get it done before Christmas, I'm not shopping at all.

Harriet hosts Monday Mayhem


  1. Thank goodness I have an ally :D

  2. Love this song Hazel.
    Nice Monday tune with my coffee.
    Have a a nice rest of your day!

  3. Great MM pick!

    You Mayhem Monday responses always make me chuckle. Thanks for the laugh, as usual. :-)

  4. Peggy, glad you had this tune to go with your coffee. I like to sway with it :)

    Denise, you're welcome :)

  5. I know what you mean by the wrinkles. Hope you get your stuff done so you can get your shopping done.
    Thanks for playing and have a great day!

  6. Gloria Estefan is an awesome choice to listen to this morning! Just love her. Have a great week Hazel!

  7. Harriet, I hope so too. Thanks.

    Amanda, I love her too!

  8. Love the song Hazel, and I read some of your responses to situations, and I'll tell you, "You're a better man than I Gunga Dinn". LOL Especially the one where I was waiting for a parking space & someone else snags it up. I would've flipped! LOL Thanks for joining us and have a great day! Hope to see ya next week too!

  9. I've always loved Gloria Estefan's voice! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love Gloria Estefan! Great choice! Enjoy your week! :)

    MMMM: Grown Up Christmas List

  11. Hehe! Loved your answers! I can think of several instances where a howler would come in handy!

  12. Dolly, let's throw the snagger to the bin if the wrinkles flipped out... lol! Rudyard Kipling did a great job on Gunga Din, didn't he?

    Joanie and Stacy, woot to Gloria fans!

    TortugaRachel, right on!

  13. I am glad I do not have to shop for the Holidays. I buy after Christmas for next year's presents. Don;t want to sound cheap! Hahaha!

    Can't bear long lines, with 3 cups of coffee, I'd go to the ladies' room first.

  14. Ooh Gloria. I love this one!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  15. Great music :))))
    Happy belated monday

    Have a lovely weekend

    Kareltje =^.^=



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