Thursday, April 8, 2010

There is Math in your future

Do written signs have an impact on you? They must have on me as they recur from time to time. The first twelve of these signs are some I remember from MVC, a boarding college my parents sent me to. Situated on a hill and nicknamed The Hilltop, it is puritan, replete with angels and demons. I loved and hated that place. But signs, here we go:

1. Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life ~ in the Music department. I did an entire summer job there pounding pianos for voice students

2. There is Math in your future ~ this has proven useful to me now

3. Reading maketh a full man ~ library obviously

4. Come out of here my people ~ looks like a line from the Bible. Occupants of the room where this sign was posted were male Theology majors. Boxer shorts hung on their ceiling during Open House, a once-a-term event when ladies and gents are allowed inside each other's residence rooms

5. Don't get mad. Get even ~ etched almost inconspicously on the wall of a tiny room above the stage of the auditorium

6. Higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for His children; godliness, godlikeness is the goal to be reached ~ on a frame in a classroom where Humanities subjects are taught

7. Sardines for sale here ~ on A4 pasted in a room in the girls' dorm. The college is vegetarian. Meat and selling are forbidden

8. Whether therefore ye eat or drink do all to the glory of God ~ in the cafeteria. I trained my eyes not to wander into it whenever viand was terrible

9. I will if I could but I can't so I won't ~ in the girls' dorm manager's office; we had a Miss Minchin-type during my time there

10. Wanted: girlfriend. Contact Gremer ~ on the bulletin board in the girls' old dormitory. Gremer is to MVC as Mr. Filch is to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

11. Bawal ang nakasimangot dito (Anyone frowning is not allowed in here) ~ in the makeshift Student Government office

12. MVC: Shine on til Jesus Comes! ~ this is huge and placed above the pulpit in church

13. Stop corruption! Dissolve parliament! ~ a placard held by Red Shirts currently protesting in major shopping areas of Bangkok. They want the premier to step down

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  1. Well stranger I hope you and CJ have been well :) No. 5 is a true inspiration to me. :) #13 if only we could. #7 do they have poi and pickled onions there as well :) Have a great day :)

  2. Hi Thom, I can't blog as frequently as I used to; got some tedious offline chore :(

    #5 hmmn... to me too lol
    #13 I can't shop and I need to shop! grrr...
    #7 they had almost everything that was forbidden yehey! =)

  3. loved the list- "Weeds for Sale 50 cents a bunch you pull your own"

  4. This was extremely interesting to read. I on the other hand, DID NOT, repeat...I did NOT write #5. Sounds like me tho. LOL

    Here is MY Thursday 13. You'll need to scroll down below my Thursday Thunks to view them. Do stop by for a visit if you can find time. Hope your day is super.

  5. Anni, you sure you didn't? lol!

  6. Wow, that was some college. Those signs surely made an impression!

  7. CountryDew, I waited for someone to say that :-)

  8. Great signs. One of my teachers had a sign right near the clock.

    "Time is passing--are you?"

  9. Journeywoman, that's rather cute :D

  10. It certainly is hard to convince kids that they will indeed one day use their math skills.

    Have a great day!

  11. You have a good memory. The sardines one is the funniest.

  12. At least some of the students had a sense of humor.

  13. You're very observant. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Interesting signs. I like this one best: "I will if I could but I can't so I won't".

  15. Good list and good for a smile. My favorite: Experience is what you're getting when you're not getting what you want.

    My T13: The Best Beans

  16. stopping by from Thursday Thirteen.

    Cool signs - and cool you remembered all of them.

    At my college we were only allowed in the boys dorms on weekends and only at certain time too. Sounds like an interesting school.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy TT!

  17. Actually, I like Ivanna Trumps take on #5: Don't get mad, get everything. Hehe... Thanks for visiting!

  18. i beati, that looks intriguing: weeds for a cause? :-)

    Harriet, I wish the practical use of Math was emphasized more to me. I didn't see the benefit then :(

    Alice, to get through The Hilltop nicely humor is a big help :D

    Colleen and Brenda, thanks

    Irishcoda, it's what I stared at while queuing for Miss Michin's signature the first time ...

    Grandma, that's a good one too

    Sue, there was more frequency of allowed visits to the dormitories at your college than in mine. We were given only an hour and only once every 6 months

    Heather, I remember that revision of Ivana lol! I read articles about her when she was married to Trump. It's been 17 years since those leisure readings in the library. I wonder if she has gotten everything yet.

  19. I've never heard of a college even remotely like this. I'd definitely be smuggling in beef jerky or something along those lines lol
    Great list. Happy t13!

  20. I'm partial to quotes to reading your collection of signs spotted and their history kept my interest. Great TT.

    (mine is not with my google account: Thurs 13 here:
    <A HREF="http://> Please Click Here For my fun post for Thurs 13</A>

  21. Adelle, the college is one of only 3 vegetarian colleges in the Philippines back then

    Gel, thanks

  22. Desi, thanks

    Susan, glad I survived



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