Thursday, April 1, 2010

Medieval stroll

In York I was inwardly moaning that I could not join a ghost walk because I could not stand the cold. I missed viewing 13th century manuscripts because the tour ran out of time. So these 13 things I love about what I did not miss in that lovely city had better make up:

1. Guy Fawkes hotel. Although having a large portrait of England's catholic restorationist in my room was eerie, the four poster was cozy

2. Historic breakfast. It's served adjacent to the cottage where Guy Fawkes was born

3. Room with a view. The window is like a picture frame into which part of northern Europe's largest cathedral fits

4. York Minster: massive, magnificent, enough said.

5. Staring awed at the Five Sisters, reputed to be among the finest and rarest in the world.

6. Evensong. Beckoned in by the vesper chime, I quietly joined other worshippers for a bit of spiritual exercise

7. Minster choir. As voices rose to the spires, so swarmed gooseflesh from my gloved fingers to my shivering scalp

8. A chance to help preserve the Minster. 7GBP+/minute, cutie contribution lettered on a scroll signed by the dean

9. The Shambles. Meandering medieval street; picturesque and oozing with history

10. Relaxing in the market square. There I was examining my photos, unaware before looking up at a sign that hundreds of years ago heretics were burnt at the stake inches from where I sat

11. Hats on display reminded me of Lady Di

12. Beautiful dolls... controlled ogling in the shop

13. Browsing books. Blurbs transported hopeless romantic me into a gothic neverland

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  1. I happened to read this minster choir in one of the books that we were using. I perceived that their good. Do they performed in the church?

    Here is Mine

  2. I followed you in google connect. I hope that you will follow me too.

  3. burn, the Minster choir? they're awesome :)

  4. That sounds like quite a trip. Intrigued by the burning heretics. Yikes.

  5. CountryDew, I moved to another bench after reading the sign, but still casting curious glances at the spot.

  6. Sounds like you were able to see some amazing things despite missing the ghost tour. Maybe when the weather warms up you can make another attempt?

  7. Kristen, I certainly will :)

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. Sounds like the streets are rich in history. I hope you get the chance to one day do the ghost tour. Happy Easter!

  9. Adelle, this ghost tour thingy is slowly creeping into my bucket list, lol

  10. Wow- interesting and fun.

    Have a great Thursday!

  11. Thanks, Harriet. I'm heading over to your place hoping I won't encounter problems with commenting lol...

  12. So interesting and it looks G_R_E_A_T


    Have a relaxing weekend Hazel
    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :-)

  13. I would love to go on a ghost tour!
    I clicked the link for Five Sisters and those windows are pretty amazing. Stained glass is so beautiful.

  14. A place rich in history - would love to visit York myself some day. Thanks for visiting!

  15. Isn't Guy Fawkes the guy who accidentally blew himself up in a conspiracy against the king?

    Sorry you had to miss anything at all, but it looks like you had fun.

  16. I like collecting info like this from blogs. I wish you were able to do all of it. I've not visited there.

    My blog for T-13 is not linked to my Google account. It is Click Here For Kiss Me You Fool Thursday Thirteen

  17. Anya & Kareltje, thanks. Mwuah!

    Heather, that's a nice tour plan

    Jehara, I guess ghost tours are more existent in your part of the globe than in mine, and yeah, stained glass could be one of man's greatest art creations

    Alice, I'm not sure if that was the case with Guido Fawkes. He was arrested before he could blew up Parliament or so history says

    Gel, I wish so too; fun things they are

  18. I cannot decide which is my favorite, they all sound so nice. The doll shop sounds like a lovely place to spend a lot of time in.

  19. Melissa, those dolls make you dreamy I tell ya :)


    Happy Belated Easter!
    have fun for free stuff.

    nice to meet.



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