Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ship-seeing to Sichang

There is tension between Taiwan and the Philippines over the recent shooting of a Taiwanese fisherman by a Philippine coastguard. Taiwan retaliates; rejects apology from the Philippines, impose sanctions, threatens Manila with naval drills in the South China Sea, goes arrogant, eg. compares themselves to a golden retriever, the Philippines a chihuahua in the event of an attack. Wait. I love dogs. My ears are on alert mode, though I didn't have time to find how the shooting took place, there's an identical twin of my wondering through an FB comment by Mike San Agustin Mccrea

"if a vessel is required to stop for a coastguard inspection in its national (usually 12mile) limit, and refuses to do so the coastguard is entitled to take such action as is necessary to stop the vessel. If it does not stop after a warning [shop], it seems fully justified to fire on the vessel.... If someone gets shot it is the fault of the skipper of the offending vessel.... So if this is the case it would seem to me that the person the Taiwanese government should be venting its anger has a Taiwanese travel document"

A former schoolmate's fantasy of the Philippines' first line of defense got me googling and then supposing that there's nothing noticeable enough. Chihuahua :(  But then the matter of war could be a long shot for the golden retriever. My hands grip the leash as I walk away and turn my attention to something sea-ish, like ships, the cargo, tanker, normal ones.

Join me in my little boat trip to Sichang, a tourist island in the gulf of Thailand, and see some ships.

~ shore of Sriracha ~

 ~ small mountain of sand in the middle of the sea ~


Here's hoping Taiwan didn't attack while we were ship-seeing. 'PEACE be still.'

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  1. What an interesting peep into life in another part of the world.

  2. Interesting!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. So beautiful! Would love to be there.

  4. Really beautiful colors, especially the blues. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very interesting.
    It seems no one is really at peace, does it?

  6. This story did not make the US news. Sorry about the dispute.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. I hope it never will because then it could mean we are in real trouble.

  7. I hope the incident doesn't cause escalation. Yes, peace be still.
    An Arkies Musings

  8. Kind of SCARY...

    abcw team

  9. Beautiful photography of a beautiful place ~ will we ever have world peace ~

    Thanks for visiting and 'romping' with my little doggie ^_^

  10. this is a huge ship. i love taking photos of ships--they're great subject.:p

    i hope the Taiwan-Philippine tension is resolved soon, for the sake of both countries. i wish our neighbors would respect our territory.

  11. Enjoying your shots. Hope for the peace as well.

  12. I've gotten every wish I've ever wished for except world peace, I'll just have to keep on wishing.

  13. Great shots of wonderful boats!

  14. Oh my I hope this problem will be solve. Thanks in joining hope to see you next week!

    Visiting from Water World Wednesday

  15. I wish peace for you too, Hazel.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  16. Wonderful pics. I played too. Mine are here and here.

  17. There is so much unrest in all the world today. Even at bad times, we can still find the blue in things.

  18. The first shot is very soothing.

    Sorry, late visit for S.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team



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