Thursday, May 23, 2013

Second choices, anyone?

When I got divorced I had to make changes to a life of ease which came with luxuries that I sometimes took for granted. The process taught me a few, important things. Single life so far has been very good and I am grateful for enough blessings and challenges that kept the balance.

My son attends school in the home country. I continue to be a mom to him from a distance, and although it is not exactly what I would rather have, I am learning to work my way around such living arrangement.  Second Choice: embracing life as it is "challenges some assumptions in Western culture and gives a different slant on the idea of success." I pick what's culturally relevant to me.

Viv Thomas, the author "insists that to live our lives well it is vital that we are able to live in a world of second choice or no choice at all." I would recommend the book to anyone who is curious about second choices and how they can become "places of grace, community, imagination and maturity if we learn to embrace life as it is." (excerpt)  The photo above is the cover of my copy. Lovely, isn't it?

The kiddo turns 9. Nine roller coaster years! For his gift I made a financial decision that will impact his life long term. Here's to life, my Baby Pooh you Sweet child of mine! What's a celebration without music? Do you like Gregorian? I do. This is my favorite remake of the power ballad.

So while loved ones at home are busy celebrating with glorious food, I'm having brunch of beef steak, salad and black tea from Fuji, my favorite Japanese restaurant.


  1. I do not know if we have the same Fuji restaurant but I know for one they have the same good yummy food that I so like in fact I was there with two of my girlfriends. Love the shots.


  2. Birthday wishes to your sweet one -- and wish I were sharing dinner with you. The pictures make me hungry!

  3. Yes, embrace life as it is. A nice collage of photos of the restaurant!

  4. Happy birthday to your son. I embrace life as it is, everyday. This is a beautiful post. love the food collage.

  5. lovely way to celebrate. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  6. The food made me hungry. Have a fabulous week and Happy MMY.

    Egg Trick
    Cinderella's Castle

  7. the more you celebrate your choices, and life, in general, the more there is to celebrate. all the best to your 9-year old!

  8. The book sounds a very interesting one. God bless you and your dear son.

  9. Happy Birthday to your young one! am sure he'll appreciate his gift from you!! Am sorry about the divorce; glad to know that you are doing well! :)
    ...and you have a delicious feast right there! YUM!

    thanks so much for sharing this special post and linking it over at Food Friday, Hazel



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