Friday, January 18, 2013

Halibut karaage

Usually eating out alone, I'm a fan of set meals.  And of fish. And of Japanese cuisine. This is one of my recent brunches at Zen. It includes rice, miso soup, noodle cheese salad, Zen soy sauce and kiimchi.

Karaage is described by Wikipedia as "Japanese cooking technique in which various foods — most often meat and fish — are deep fried in oil. Small pieces of the food are marinated in a mix of soy sauce, garlic, and/or ginger, then lightly coated with a seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix, and fried in a light oil — similar to the preparation of tempura."

I found this recipe from Feeding my Ohana. I'm attracted to the sherry in this recipe.

3-4 mahi mahi fillets or other white fish                  Sherry 
1T sugar                                                                1t curry powder
2T cornstarch (or potato starch)                             1T shoyu
1 egg scrambled with a little water                         Panko and Canola oil

Mix sugar, curry powder, shoyu, cornstarch and sherry. Marinate for about 30 minutes. Dip in scrambled egg and then dredge in panko. Fry in oil until golden brown. Flip once. Drain on paper towels.


  1. i'm enjoy Japanese food, too...and fish, and Karaage.:p i'd order this fish, too.:p

  2. Oh my goodness, that karaage looks so delish! Thanks for sharing the recipe, too...I might try it with some cream dory fish.

    Hopping here from Food Friday.

  3. Love this simple and it looks really flavorful recipe.

  4. i love eating fish...and your post just made me drool!!!
    love Japanese cuisine, too! it's healthier and easier on the stomach (can't say it's easier on the wallet, though). :P

    appreciate much your sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Hazel
    happy weekend!

  5. I love Japanese food. It's simply cooked, healthy, and yummy.

  6. Love Japanese food, and that karaage surely looks delish! :D



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