Monday, January 14, 2013

Ambling along Asiatique

Perhaps the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to reach Asiatique is to take the BTS (sky train) to Saphan Taksin and then the free shuttle boat. This was my first visit and as I observed the surrounding sights I took this shot smiling to myself, 'Bangkok has a London Eye.'

When I was little I always wanted a ferris wheel ride, but the overprotective parents insisted a merry-go-round should be enough fun. Yesterday I thought, 'hmn... this time no parents watching like a hawk. What if I'd try? I kept moving toward it but changed my mind upon seeing too many kids queuing at the base.

Ah well... finding a fountain while ambling along isn't so bad

and the shop mascots are cute.

The temperature went down with the sun so I was happy watching business going on. It is what I love about night markets.

Asiatique is part attraction, part shopping. It has many restaurants, several alfresco dining, lots of international cuisine, and the Thai Calypso cabaret show

Goods are more expensive than those in say, Jatujak or MBK. But fine by me. I didn't buy anything except dinner :)

Asiatique business hours: 17:00 - midnight
Address: 2194 Charoenkrung Road 72-74, Wat Phraya Krai, Bangkolaem

Richard Barrow, one of Thailand's most influential bloggers has concise historical description of Asiatique on his Thailand Photo Map site.

Bangkok Post, one of (two) Thailand's major English newspapers, featured an article regarding Asiatique's pricing issues - something foreigners who are visiting for the first time may want to be aware of.    


  1. You had an interesting day. I do hope that you will ride a Ferris Wheel one day. They are FUN! Happy Blue Monday, Hazel.

  2. Wow! Lots of activity here ~ Wonderful photos and presentation ~

    (A Creative Harbor) on blogger ^_^

  3. So much bright colour in these night markets! They look like so much interesting fun to wander!

  4. Looks like a place one can spend a day browsing and people watching.

  5. Lovely shots of your fun day.

  6. Oh wow, so much happening and things to do. Love all the sights. The markets would be my favorite places to visit. Thanks for sharing your world, have a happy week!

  7. I love the bright colors! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  9. You've got some fabulous night shots. Love all those lights!

  10. Looks like a great place to visit with so much happening.

  11. Vilka härliga foton! JÄTTEFINT!

  12. Fascinating descriptions of the place. I like the Bangkok "London Eye".
    I thought the term Thai Calypso Bar would have been so interesting to visit. It's not a combination I would put together.

  13. Enjoyed your post. The ferris wheel is always more inviting.

  14. Awesome place! Lots to see and do.

    abcw team

  15. Looks like a great place to visit. As a blogger it is amazing how many places I can visit while sitting at my computer.

    An Arkies Musings

  16. Thanks for the sightseeing tour ! Must be a very interesting town !

  17. Parang ang sarap maglalaga dyan sa Thailand ano sis? Lovely photos as always.

    Catching up with ABC entries.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

    1. Forgot to mention that I love the water fountain..

      Can you believe that? It's Friday now and I am just getting around with Blue Monday entries. Kids are sick and all.. sigh.

      If you get a chance, here's my BLUE



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