Friday, June 8, 2012

The first grader

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Due to a previous school experience in Thailand that CJ had when he was 3, we relaxed adherence to schooling tradition and let him take his time at kindergarten in the Philippines.  But two weeks ago he turned 8 and from the info that the Grandma got from his K1 teacher, CJ would be in K2 next. K2? At 8? Time for horribly expensive overseas phone calls again.

Things could sometimes be downright opaque with long-distance parenting. I know though that CJ lacks learning motivation despite surprising shows of reasoning that under his circumstances I never thought he would be capable of.

Thanks to DepEd guys-slash-close friends Vi and JL who shared what they know upon which I based my decision to sort out CJ's grade level. JL alerted me to the K+12 basic education program that kicks off this year. That certainly bears an impact on CJ's age angle even more. Remedial classes should be available for children with difficulty catching up. All matters considered, including recommendations from CJ's psychologist and developmental pediatrician, he ought to be in first grade this school year.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="137" caption="Department of Education (Philippines) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"]Department of Education (Philippines)[/caption]

That K2 thingy hangs like a black cloud above my head. Plan B includes sending CJ to public school if CJ's present (private) school refuses to admit him to Grade 1. Vi tried to diffuse my tension by saying everything will be fine. Let Grandma pull a few strings as a school board member. Wry smile: Grandma is no longer holding such post, and even if she does I still need to arrange things properly.

So krinnnnggggg goes my phone. I sorted CJ's case with the school principal who discussed with me exactly what I hoped to hear from him. He also confirmed my observation that most of whatever the Department of Education regulates or implements, private schools follow. CJ would be in first grade come Monday, June 11th.

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  1. Hurray for CJ (and CJ's mom), despite the expensive overseas phone calls! My son will be in K2 when school starts, but he's only six. However, I think based on the K+12 program, he'll be in Grade 2 after this year.

    You asked about our Bohol tour. An officemate/friend of my husband referred someone to pick us up at the airport who also toured us around Bohol countryside the next day.

  2. yay, congrats to your lil guy. i'm sure he's excited to go to school. hope you could visit my Color Connection here.

  3. Congrats to CJ for getting in 1st grade this year. This K+12 thingy really got me confused too, if I should bring my 3-year old boy to school now or next year. there are so many things to consider but I think as parents we know our children's capabilities and go with what's best for their development.

  4. yay! for first grade!!! that sounds fun...enjoy first grade CJ :-) you'll do just fine :-) Dropping by from Mommy Moments.

  5. How was first grade CJ? are you making many new friends and having a blast? I hope so....Dropping this time from Color Connection.

  6. I know how hard it is for you sis especially that you are so smart but things will work out good for CJ. With you and his Lola's guidance and with your friends help, he would definitely do good!

    Thanks for joining Color Connection last week. The linky is now up for this week, hope you'd join the fun again.

  7. i don't understand why they are skipping grades? i heard some private schools allowed their students to skip grades? is that so that the kids won't have additional 2 years?



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