Thursday, April 19, 2012

Literary pet peeves

In this post: Booking Through Thursday and Thursday Thirteen

Bookish Sarah asks:

What are your literary “pet peeves”?

Put too many swear words in a story and I lose interest. Too much cursing sounds like limited vocabulary, stunted creativity. The other one is something I have experienced for the first time - a novel with an unlikeable character. The Wise Woman is my first Philippa Gregory. If I wasn't fond of historical fiction (besides thinking that Gregory is brilliant at her genre) I wouldn't have minded not finishing the book. The heroine is so unlikeable almost every page developed in me a distaste of her that even her death in the conclusion didn't convince me it redeemed her. I want my reading experience (outside work) to be a pleasure; not characters that I don't enjoy.

 Thursday 13: Unusual words that begin with letter N

You may be familiar with or have encountered the following words already. If you do not know what they mean, I hope you have as much fun guessing as I had fun putting them together. 

1. nephogram - is a photograph of (a) lungs     (b) diaphragm     (c) clouds
2. nodated - means (a) knotted     (b) sprained     (c) inundated
3. neuralgiform - is like or shaped like a (a) brain     (b) nerve     (c) esophagus
4. nidify - to build a (a) nest     (b) an invalid argument     (c) wooden box
5. nesiote - means living (a) by a lake     (b) on a dessert     (c) on an island
6. ninon -  is (a) silk      (b) cotton     (c) taffeta
7. nacarat -  means (a) tangerine     (b) bright orange-red     (c) gold
8. naology - is architecture study of (a) a temple     (b)a manor house     (c)a castle
9. natiform - is shaped like (a)a nose     (b) buttocks     (c) hips
10. nemoricolous - means living in (a) valleys     (b) forests     (c) mountains
11. nervure - means vein of a (a)petal     (b) leaf     (c) fruit
12. nipter - is ceremony of washing the (a) feet     (b) nose     (c) hands
13. nepenthe - is something capable of making one forget suffering such as              (a) a drink     (b) an inhalant     (c) a liniment

Answers: 1. (c) clouds   2. (a) knotted   3. (b) nerve   4. (a) nest   5. (c) an island        6. (a) silk   7. (b) bright orange-red   8. (a) temple   9. (b) buttocks   10. (b) forests   11. (b) leaf   12. (a) feet   13. (a) drink

Courtesy to The Phrontistery for the list.


  1. Foul language is unpleasant to read. And unlikeable characters can make a book tough to get through. You can see my pet peeves here
    Happy reading!

  2. Good pet peeves! I have read some books recently in which one or more of the characters were so unlikeable that I felt like throwing the book at the wall...but I stopped myself. I liked the book...just not those one or so characters.


  3. Yes I totally agree on the unlikable character.

  4. Bad language is definitely one of mine.

  5. The language depends on the context and whether it fits the character. Liked your vocab segment. There were a few I did not know. Thanks for visiting today!

  6. I got four right- good guesses I think.

    Have a great Thursday!

  7. i'm not going to lie: swearing - even excess swearing - doesn't bother me. i have a foul mouth in real life, so it would be a bit hypocritical of me to hate it. however, i couldn't agree more about the unlikeable characters.

    my btt.

  8. I didn't do too bad at guessing, but I am still too embarrassed to say how many. You made me think today, danggit! Thanks for sharing.

    The Food Temptress

  9. That's okay. You will outgrow swearing. Here's wishing you more loads of fun in reading. And quite importantly, learning.

  10. Wow!! as a non-native, I don't know any of those words. thank you for sharing it and I hope I remember them all ;)



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