Friday, April 6, 2012

A smoking computer, a real phone and a reason

All the while I was imagining CJ's computer was being used mainly for homework and educational entertainment. Oblivious me. The use has been more like games. It is probably time to buy a new computer again as the old one overheated last night.  Smoked to kingdom come. Bye-bye Pooh Bear (nickname of CJ's computer).

So the Grandma complained that after Pooh Bear, CJ's attention has been on her phone.  I asked what he was doing with it. "Games of course," Mother sounded exasperated. "But he's never been exposed to that sort of thing," I countered.  "Well, hello Girl, it only took your son one look at his cousin doing it, and now he's into soccer, soccer, soccer!" Ops....

These boys have a little explaining to do.

The poor Grandma tries to hide her phone lest some mischievous fingers tinker their way to it. They usually do and when she needs to use it, she hears this:

"Buy me a real phone Grandma so that I will not borrow yours. Tell Mommy."

"So that I will not borrow yours."  Some reasoning, eh? Boys!

Actually I have been eyeing kiddie phones even before CJ was born. But I've been putting the plan aside because I only want it for monitoring purposes and ever since I haven't seen the need. Following last night's awakening I googled kiddie phones, and saw these choices:

Some have parental control, and some have only two buttons - "Mom" and "Dad."

Will I be bonkers to hope that they do not have games in their techie bellies? I'd love to hear your thoughts or recommendations.

The phone game investigation still stands. But I'm not hard to negotiate with. A few cute antics and my heart melts away forgetting that Pooh Bear is now resting in peace.


  1. The reasoning from him sounded more of a demand to me. LOL! But anyway, it's a very good idea to be buying kiddie phone! It's good to know that there's these kinds of phones now for kids and the buttons are for calling MOM and DAD. But then, I think, if that's the only purpose of the phone you're gonna buy, it might create complaints from the very techie boy who loves games on any gadget. Haha. Well, I came to think that it'd be better I guess, if children can have two of both. It may be pricey but I think that's much better. But since, we have the saying, kids cannot always have everything they want, okay, mommy knows best. Mommy knows what to do. ;)

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  2. For as long as the games are appropriate for CJ's age and for as long as there's an adult monitoring the games he's playing, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't give him his own phone (or a new computer?). Have a blessed Easter!

  3. kids are super techie..

    visiting for happiness is

  4. Hahaha what a smart boy your son is, sis. Kids can learn games really fast. Daughter's use of computer at home is very limited but she plays games in school pag computer class nila so it's not really that I can control of.

    Thanks for joining Ms. Burrito's Color Connection. More colors here, have a safe and peaceful Easter.

  5. Oooh.. Sorry about the pc..

    Why not try buying him an aPad, if he's just after for games.. I bought one for my little girl.. Pamatay oras lang when on a trip..

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  6. oh! Sis sorry about the over-heating of your pc :-( Kids are so techie this days :-) I just bought a iPad and now it is full of APP and my kids are having fun playing the games of course :-) Hope you find the new cp for CJ :-) Dropping by from Happiness Is

  7. those are cool gadgets to check out Sis for CJ :-) Dropping by from Color Connection

  8. Poo, Pooh Bear:( Kids are really into technology these days..They're smart:)

    Visiting for happiness- hope you can stop by:)

  9. Visiting again for Color Connection- hope you can stop by:)

  10. Kids nowadays are more techie compared to us when we were at thier age, dropping by for Happiness is, I hope you could pay me a visit at

    See you around!!!!

  11. Did it really smoke? Wow! Something must've burned inside then for it to smoke. Tsk tsk. I hope those boys are not in trouble :D Oh well, everything has got to come to an end, right? Even Pooh Bear. But those kiddie phones sound cool. I like in particular the one that has "mom and dad" buttons only ;) Smart!

    Thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. See you again for another round of happy posts ^^

  12. i usually allow my kids to play 1 hour of game a day, after school work or during break time. I allow them to play either using a computer or my phone. We bought my son a learning laptop but he only plays with it from time to time because he likes playing with the games on my phone more. so, you have to decide which will appeal more to your son since it might become a waste of money if he doesn't want to play with it! :D

  13. very smart boy you got there!

    my kids are using computer/psp/ipod...with limits! my boy who's 9, can only play with his psp on weekends at kapag tapos na ang homework! on weekdays they can play ipod but with time limits, mostly its my girl playing...she's two turning 3 and she loves baby painting in ipod. and when CJ is in school Isabelle's using my laptop to watched wiggles, mister maker, etc. on youtube , not the whole day though kasi we have other things to do like sunduin si kuya sa school, go for a walk, play in the kids room or swim...tapos if kuya's home he will be using computer to do mathletics and activity everyday about math and reading/listening!

    well, hope you can find a gadgets that best suits him...:) visiting late from happiness is, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)



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