Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prommas masked drama, BACC 2

An episode of the ancient sanskrit epic, The Ramayana, called Khon Prommas or Prommas Masked Drama was on exhibit at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center last year. Khon masks represent aspects of crown, headdresses and other elements of royal costume. Throne halls occupied by various gods and demons are depicted in a khon drama episode.

Semi-precious materials like silk, metallic threads, bettle wings and glass beads are used to embroider a khon costume.

One objective of the exhibit is to preserve forms of craftmanship related to the performing arts such as Khon itself. It is also for the general public to learn more about the production of a khon drama. The exhibit was part of a year-long 80th birthday celebrations for His Majesty King Bhumibol.

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  1. What beautiful and colorful exhibits! And your photos are terrific! Love the information that you include -- makes the pictures even more interesting! Hope you have a great week!


  2. So much history and so beautiful reminders of that glorious history.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful crafts, very precious.

  4. Wonderful shots. Great effort to preserve and showcase handicrafts. :)

  5. Its so vibrant and colorful. Thanks for sharing this and telling us more about your world. Truly amazing.

  6. Beautiful, the colours are striking.
    You asked about the photo in my header: I took it in Bodie, California. It's a former mining town that was abandoned and now is a ghost town that gets preserved in a state of "arrested decay". It's definitely worth a visit. Wikipedia has a good article with really gorgeous photos

  7. What a beautiful exhibit! They have well preserved them!

    Sshh, I have a fancy of 24K jewelries, especially from Thailand.

  8. What a wonderful post of beautiful treasures

  9. This was a fascinating post and wonderful works shown here.

  10. Wow!!
    Hazel wonderful post today !!!!
    Looks so special for me :-)

  11. Stunning artifacts, my boss would love this as well, she is from Thailand and goes back home whenever she can......



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