Monday, March 1, 2010

To all the girls I've loved before

Musical Monday: Diggah Tunnah

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Yesterday the blogosphere was humming Disney. I'm still in the mood for it today. My Lion King - crazy five-year old insists on staring amazed (with mouth agape) at these meerkats and hyenas. I enjoy the animation as well so it ends up as the tune that moves us today.

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Monday Mayhem: Foxxfyrre's Things you Shouldn't Say Around [Blank

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Welcome to Monday Mayhem. Our host today is the ever popular host of Sunday Stealing. The meme chosen today is based on his You Are Paying Him, Aren't You? meme.

Today we got tagged. The WTIT Tape Radio Blog is generally up to the challenge, so we accepted. And we WILL actually tag people for this one. It would not be fair to Frank not to follow this through. Here we go!

Here are The Official Honk 'n' Hollr Rules:

Rules are simply fill in the [blank] in "Foxxfyrre's: Things you shouldn't say around [Blank]" . To make it interesting, when you comment someone, add a phrase using their [blank] topic.

Things you Shouldn't Say Around a Wife with a Philandering Husband

1. There's still hope. Try ancient chinese slimming tea.

2. The confidential policy is that select women are sometimes also welcome to my all men's exclusive clubimage

3. Son to Dad with mom within earshot: "Dad, how much increase on my allowance are you giving me for calling you Uncle around your lady friends?"image

4. Mistress-targeting school on 3rd street. First lesson free.

5. And this you should never ever sing, play or even suggest at a karaoke party when she's around: To all the girls I've loved before

I thought I would dedicate this post to one of my favorite aunts. She was gorgeous, kind, generous. A cool aunt, good mother and long-suffering wife who, in spite of her perrenial marital woes managed to joke that when it's her turn to go she'd want to be buried wearing her electric red lipstick. Above all she was faithful to my philandering uncle til the bittersweet end. Rest in peace, dear Auntie M!

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  1. OMG I love that Lion King song. It's just wonderful. I love your 3 and 5. Such a smart son. You have taught him well LOL How sweet of you to dedicate this to your Aunt M. You are so sweet :) Happy Monday :)

  2. It's a catching tune for sure. Lion King was the last Disney movie I saw on the big screen and one of the few "modern" Disneys I like. Who doesn't like a movie with meerkats ;)

  3. I saw that you had problems seeing one of the MM videos - many are blocked for me, too (Germany). If you can find a proxy server in the US or Canada, you should be able to see them or you use (there are other sites like that, just google with youtubeproxy).

  4. Coopernicus, thanks

    Thom, the Dad taught him well. This is an issue in my family that I'm used to already. I just laugh it off now.

    Jedidiah, ah... a proxy server. Alrighty I'll try it. Thanks.

  5. Love the "Uncle" joke! ROFL! Great job...

  6. Bud, that is one I will always remember from 'those days' :))

  7. haha we used to have the singalong on vhs of that song. it's very catchy lol!!!

  8. Dig a tunnel. Dig, dig, dig a tunnel. QUICK before the hyena come.

    Love Lion King 1 1/2! Tumon is hilarious.

    I am so sorry about your Aunt. Got give it up for the girl, though. That's my kind of lady- requesting to be buried in red lipstick. ;-)

  9. Ah.. poor kid, calling dad Uncle ,huh?

    Happy MARCH!





  10. heeheeehee...good one. Lovedthe handbag and the uncle thing.
    Thanks for playing!

  11. Yeahhhhhhh....
    The Lion KING :))))))))

  12. you monday mayhem stuff was terrific and I liked how you dedicated it to your aunt.



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