Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dasa book cafe

When Dasa Book Cafe claims that they are the 'best secondhand bookshop in Bangkok,' I believe them. Not only am I a frequent customer here; I have also visited other secondhand bookshops in the city but I like Dasa best of all.

Their site has a page that explains the name Dasa, and I quote:
"dāsa" came from the name of the late venerable Thai Buddhist Monk called "Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu".

The word "dāsa" itself means "slave" or "servant". It's the word from an ancient language called "Pali" which is the language that Buddhist monks use in chanting and in their regular rituals or ceremonies. We chose this name because it conveys the meaning that all book lovers are "slave" in the sense that they can't live without books or reading. The name also has a nice Asian touch to it and is also quite catchy.
Even though the place may not look attractive on the outside, I'd still say it's one of my favorite haunts. 

Inside it's cozy

and conducive to browsing.

Sometimes I would climb up the second and third floors and browse some more

Often I just stay in this area where the English-speaking assistants are. A white guy (I'm guessing the owner) works quietly near the coffee corner cataloguing books in his computer.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place!

  2. I would love it there! It seems like a very inviting place.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Love second hand book stores!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Wow! What a place to browse! Great photos ~ Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ on blogger ^_^

  5. Wonderful book store. There are several such book stores here.

  6. i love the smell of old books. my mom used to tell me that when reading has become an addiction, it's not good anymore.:p so i agree, we're slaves to anything we can't live without.

    D is for...

  7. Used book stores are a delight to browse in.

    abcw team

  8. The bookstore certainly is attractive on the inside. I think I could spend hours there.

  9. i like bookstores and browsing from shelf to another; now if you add some delish looking cup of joe to that equation, that's a perfect day.

  10. I love second hand bookstores. When I was in High School in Boulder, Colorado I went once a week to a second hand bookstore called Duck Soup. It would be a few years before I knew what that unusual aroma was at Duck Soup - Marijuana.
    An Arkies Musings

  11. I could spend all day in a book store like that. The coffee looked good too.

  12. It looks a fabulous bookshop with the shelves overflowing with books. A great place for a browse.

  13. Love the wonderful atmosphere in this place! Books floor to ceiling! My kind of world!

  14. Reminds me of a used bookstore that has since closed here in Sarasota. Looks charming. In places like this, I always wonder how on earth the owners are aware of their inventory.

  15. Reading is wonderful, wish I could go back to read books again..

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team



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