Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shoe issue

That animal owner who abandoned his German shepherd Missy on a Colorado mountain made excuses: 'I was forced to leave her,' this and that bla bla bla. Fact is he DID NOT go back to rescue her. Other people did. After a vet declared that Missy would fully  recover the owner wants her back. I can imagine animal rights activists glaring at his guts.

Or I was the one furrowing my brows in disbelief, feeling sorrow over Missy's cut paws. Poor darling. Mozart should learn about paw preservation from her, and at least try to wear his shoes for once in his life. But Mozart will never know the perils of mountain hiking until he were in Missy's shoes.

Does your fur kid like to wear shoes? 

Mine does not :( Actually he refuses to wear anything on his paws and will bite if forced. Recently I insisted he tried, at least for the sake of photos, and his teeth sank quickly on my hand so I dropped it. But not without having him pose with his unwanted shoes.  Heck, grooming accessories are not exactly cheap I have to have some sort of consolation. 

Did I say Mozart is a spoiled brat?


  1. I think it's just normal that dogs hate shoes since they've been used to wear nothing.

  2. You chose Mozart as a name? Brilliant! :) It's not a trend for them perhaps lol and I doubt that he'll be lost like Missy because his owner is meticulous. ^_^

  3. our miniature dachshund on the other hand loves to wear his red sandals together with his shirt :)

  4. Hehe.. I imagined Mozart being cute on his pictorial. hihi..
    Sometimes I wonder how others are really comfortable wearing shoes, though..

  5. Got the same experience with our pug. Too bad our dogs simply do not want shoes :(( They should be cute and entertaining lols!

  6. Dogs may look cute and adorable with shoes on but they are more comfortable without.

  7. I agree grooming accessories are expensive. My Mojo doesn't like wearing shoes.

  8. Maybe it is because Mozart is not comfortable wearing shoes. In some countries, dogs wear shoes or booties only on sporting events.



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