Friday, November 4, 2011

One little guy's opinion

Last weekend my mother sent me a text describing CJ's comment on a page of a volume of his Bible Friends. It was one on the crucifixion:
This is Jesus. He said to his Father, why did you forsake me but he did not answer. Oh, what a pity to Jesus.

The wrong grammar and shaky semantics amused me. Detaching my rigid academic head off lay stuff was a learning moment. All those fine scholarly writings I encounter at work and I get to witness a child's cute opinion. Don't you just love life's bonuses?

Yesterday my mother rang. It was to worry about me and the current flood situation in Bangkok. A couple of minutes in:
CJ: (rambling in the background) I can't ride it anymore... (then butting in to address me) Mommmyyyy! why did you tie my swivel chair?

Me: Why, what did you do in church?

Am I not so deaf?! (nakakaloka ang buhay na to)

Ma then explained that she told CJ it was my order to have his swivel chair tied in a corner to prevent 'improper traffic' in the living room. With CJ's ongoing speech and occupational therapy sessions I am grateful his mind is functioning and he is behaving normally.

[caption id="attachment_7742" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Summer watching Ultraman in a makeshift corner; he would later discover another way of riding wheels - like yesterday's incident"][/caption]

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  1. Come to think of it, children sometimes make more sense than the adults, and that amazes me! Happy MM, and thanks for the visit!

  2. I meant "is not bothering you..."

  3. You'll have a fine man a few years from now...already a fine man as he kids love riding on their dad's chair too...Oh, hope the flood is bothering you...hope actually things get better. Take care!

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  5. It's not and I'm grateful. Thanks for the good wishes.

  6. I'm amazed of how your child's mind is learning about Jesus. That's how should children learn about Him these days. Visiting from PF.

  7. I hope and pray you're spared from the flooding...

    So you have that Bible Friends books? Cool! :)

    Indeed, kids have amazing thinking! :)

    Visiting (lately) for MM! Hope you don't mind. :) I shared my daughter's BUTTERFLY IDEA at my blog, if you can stop by! ;-)

  8. a child's mind works better than ours, dont you agree? :)

    hope you are not affected by the flood



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