Thursday, September 8, 2011

H dreams and realities

Do your dreams and realities interlap?

1. Herbs. I vaguely recall being hazy on the indication that I "need to take a new approach toward some situation or relationship." Dream Moods Dictionary, which is my reference for today's T13 offers an alternative: "herbs are symbolic of healing and magic." I say AMEN.

2. Hero. Nope, didn't dream I was a hero but its significance on "innner strength and weaknesses; ability, determination and level of confidence" seems to be in the works for me. The power to "bravely face the secrets of my unconscious mind and confront life's challenges..." well, I need that power.

3. Hieroglyphics. I tend to drift with it whenever I visit art museums.

3. High Heels "represent femininity and glamour, you feel confident and self-assured." I am wearing Vivienne Westwood to a church concert, the Marinsky Ballet and a kick-ass meeting with university bigwigs tonight.

4. Hijack is "analogous to someone or something that has taken over an aspect of your life." Let me paraphrase this: I was hijacked by a shrivelled banana. It's true.

5. History. Art History, will you be my muse?

6. Hobby "suggests that you need to acknowledge your hidden talents or desires." If I ever have any talent it could be a desire fancying publication. Or vice versa.

7. Holidays. A long, big one and several quickies scattered every year.

8. Home is in most of my waking moments. I am building myself a charming little tropical cottage. Concrete makes me aware that it costs $*,***. Reality bites.

9. Honey "denotes that you need to be less meek and more honest in communicating with others" I have been brutal, baby! "Alternatively, seeing or eating honey in your dream represents gentleness, sweetness, compassion, wisdom, peace, longevity and joy." Now I'm not complaining.

10. Hazel is my name, an eye color, a Mac Software, a TV series, Harriet's dog, a tree....

11. Harmony. Chaos-causing heartaches, take a train to Timbuktu and begone!

12. Heaven. I mean Bryan Adams belting, "and baby you're all that I want when you're lying here in my arms, I'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven..."

13. Happiness. 'Nuff said.

Megan and Janet hosts Thursday 13


  1. Interesting post. I am fascinated by dreams. I like that you used the alphabet for all "H". I have done that, before, too. lots of new info for me here. Happy T-13.

  2. I wish I could remember my dreams. The only times I do have any memories are when they are night terrors.

  3. I love my dream interpretation books. This is a very cool post for a TT! I like the alphabet idea, too.

  4. Very interesting 13 -- I love dreams...I think your subconscious knows a lot about you that you may not know.

  5. Love the happiness :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  6. I always love alphabet-themed Thursday 13s! And to mix in a little dream interpretation? Wild times!

    Happy TT. Great post.

  7. hmmmm... very interesting! left you a KI$$, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!

  8. What a creative idea for a Thursday Thirteen! Thanks for visiting yesterday!



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