Monday, July 25, 2011

High upon this love

Music Monday: High upon this love, Dionne Warwick, The Bold and the Beautiful
Monday Mayhem follows

The closest I could get to a TV show is The Bold and the Beautiful. In the early 2000s I tempered vicious gradschool Stats with the entertainment  B&B offered.  Eric Marienthal renders a prominent saxophone feature and Dionne Warwick does the vocals. I love the combination.

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Monday Mayhem: Hot Mayhem

1. Were you a fan of Amy Winehouse? Were you surprised about her? No and no

2. What have you always wanted to try doing during a heat wave? Have you done it? What's holding you back? Heatwaves are an almost daily experience where I live. I'm probably too used to being dehumidified to think of exotic ways of dealing with the usual cold edibles, light clothing or freezing AC's.

3. "Judd" from Sunday Stealing is having a party. Are you going? What are you planning to bring with you? Another party... I'll be happy to hear how fun it has been :)

4. Do you think other countries deserve a set of twins (kind of like the "French Twins")? Which country would you designate a twin country? I'm not sure I understand this. I only have Siamese Twins in mind.

5. Would you ever trade your lifestyle for the lifestyle of someone rich and famous? Why or why not? The perk vs the price: nah... my unpublished creativity trove is enough.

6. What's the stupidest thing you heard last week? That somebody camped out my door while I was partying somewhere, tsk tsk tsk....

Harriet hosts Monday Mayhem


  1. Hey Girl, following you and love your choice. Dionne Warwick was a favorite of mine all through high-school. Did you know she's Whitney Houston's Aunt? Oh well have a great day, and thanks for playing. Hope to see you next week too! hugsssssssss

  2. I thought it was Diana Ross, but well, all of them sound great to me :)

  3. Hard theme for a non tv watcher. I am a Days of Our Lives fan myself :)

  4. Okay, another new one for me. Hi I'm you're latest follower. Nice to meet you and have a wonderful day.

  5. I used to watch that show and then they wouldn't get to the point and I ditched! lol.

    I'm a one hr show girl.

    1. not a fan and wasn't surprised. Kinda expected it.

    2. I want to play in the rain. yes I do it.

    Have a great week!

  6. LOL No and No. Grandma Hazel at her best LOL That wench was something else I'm telling you. And ya knowI heard that from the person camping at your door ROFLMAO

  7. Too funny about the person waiting around for you.

    Thanks for playing!

  8. I haven't heard this song. Thanks for sharing it!

    I actually found you via Run DMT and would love it if you might be able to join in with my weekly music meme called Sunday Song.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Best wishes,

  9. Soaps would have been a good and different choice, which believe it or not, never entered my realm of thinking yesterday. I'm a Days fan, so I'm unfamiliar with B&B's theme music.

    Your newest follower...
    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes



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