Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Antique design

A for Antique design

A full century is the debate
Some in the arts attempt to halve it
To this alternative asset-loving arm
An antique design is quite a charm.

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  1. Yes... antique designs are always charming and eye catching

    Pheno Menon, ABC Wednesday Team

  2. What a cool sign. I want to go to Paris.
    I found you through ABC Wednesday.

  3. when does something go from just old to antique?!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. @Roger Owen Green, they're setting about a hundred rolling years at least. And then criteria are blurred by brouhaha over vintage and collectibles.

  5. HI sis, glad you are Resurrected, natawa ako sa term lol. Kaya pala nawala ka eh nagbavacay ka hehehe..

    Join ka na with my nostalgia mememe hehehe. Will post the entry today at my Nostalgic Blog.

    Kamusta si CJ.

  6. I heard someone once say if it was over 50 it was an antique, if that were so, I would be an antique. Do I hear any bids... : )

    I love the picture, anything with Eiffel Tower on it is OK in my antique book. Lovely picture for A day.

    Thanks for your visit today.

  7. Great post for the theme. I always thought that antiques had to be in the 1800s although now that we're in 2011 I guess early 1900s would qualify. It can't be over 50 because that would make ME an antique, ha.



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