Friday, April 8, 2011

Chikuyoh Yakiniku

You know what happens when you live in a normally boiling hot city and it suddenly turns cold? Instead of staying where you are you wander... Half an hour into looking around your empty stomach growls and you remedy it with a cup of coffee -

And then you become curious what's on the other pages of the menu. 

Ok, that's my routine, sort of. A month ago this was what I experimented on: Chikuyoh Yakiniku @ Yagura Chaya Fumi. Loved it!

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  1. the hot miso soup is also my top choice.:p everything looks tasty.

  2. It looks very delicious Hazel
    Do you eat this everyday :P

    Hugs from us all
    Have a wonderful week-end

  3. I think I'd love that as well. Looks delish :)

  4. that's a lot of foods..:)

    Don’t forget to visit My Food Trip Friday wink*

  5. that cup of coffee will make my day already, hehehe, but you still got a good spread there, must be all delicious! yum! anyway, please visit me and get your slice of almond chocolate cake! happy Friday! :)

  6. I can picture you as eating out everyday sis lol.

    Looks sumptuous!

    Spice Up Your Life, have a lovely weekend!

  7. That is so delicious! I too love Japanese food and I love the miso soup whenever I am so hungry and have not had anything to eat, I want soup first before anything else. Hmmm... yummy!

    Adin B

  8. chubskulit, ba't alam mo sis? lol!

  9. What a yummy routine! Thanks so much for participating in our Friday Food Fight. You've been such a great supporter. :-) xox

  10. Voting is now open ,so please invite your friends to vote for your post entry. Good Luck and Thanks!!!!

  11. looking yummy ang mga foodies mo dito sis Des.kaso di kokilala ang mga ito..ang coffee lang hahaha

    visit from FTF: my entry

  12. Suits for cold weather. or in rainy season

  13. makes me want to have a cup of coffee right now. :)

  14. that cup of coffee u have there looks very interesting! the aroma reached over here! lol.

    btw, i got something for you: Tagged You Are! hope to see yours if u got a chance! :)



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