Friday, October 8, 2010

Firft in Englifh, of ancient liberty

My reading pile is still a pile - book reviews, press releases, SEO pieces, but TGIF! I'm putting them all aside to have a look back at my week. Which to be honest has been a bit bumpy as far as work is concerned. Thank goodness there's personal life to run to and where we have better control over the happiness meter. I took my own sweet time enjoying life's little pleasures --

1. Cousin weekend. Being an only child, the closest person I have to a sister is cousin Vi. Her young sons are well-behaved, loving, brainy and they call me Auntie :-) Meals and chatter with them are quadruple the fun. I love them even more for agreeing to stay at home while Vi and I went shopping at a night bazaar.

2. Camera. When a hesitant techno-ignoramus finally approaches features on a gadget, the result is fun galore. This is Milton's justification of the blank verse of Paradise Lost. The literary legend used f for s, a strange character for c and so on. I found it fascinating.

3. Silent beauty. To avoid harmful rays, I walk behind the guard house to the office and back. The path is dark, but I know a secret. This:

4. Lanzones. Two kilos for ฿50.00 ($1.70). They're great on the taste buds after drinking morning coffee.

5. Croaking at the top of my voice: for He's more wonderful than my mind can conceive, He's more wonderful than my heart can believe! He goes beyond my highest hopes and fondest dreams....

Two cleaners peeped, "Ajarn Mae?" I thought the hallway was completely empty. Ah well, they would never know that only half an hour before my solo concert I was dealing with a psychological attack in the vice president's office.

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  1. Busted!!! LOL What are lanzones? Never heard of them. Nothing better than family time. :). Great week and great photos. :)

  2. Sounds like a good week, aside from the work parts.

    Like Thom, I'd never heard of lanzones. According to Wikipedia they taste like a cross between grapes and grapefruit, but without the bitterness (unless you eat the seeds). Is that accurate?

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Thom, lanzones taste is a blend of sweet and sour. They probably grow only in tropical countries. They're in season now :D

  4. Melissa, it sounds accurate but grapes and grapefruit - that is kinda new to me. Lanzones does taste like grapefruit, just keep away from the seed.

  5. I just wanted to ask the same question as Thom, when I saw your answer ! Never saw them either they look like potatoes, lol !

  6. I've never heard of Lanzones! Hmm.

    I LOVE that Sandy Patti song! I'd forgotten about it.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Gattina, you're right - they've got the color of potatoes lol!

    Carrie, neither have I heard exporting of this fruit to the West. Thus maybe that's why

  8. I love your secret. Well worth walking in the dark. I’ve never had a lanzone. Looks interesting. What a lovely fave five.

  9. Thank you, Lisa. I smiled that you love my secret :)

  10. Sometimes a good song fixes everything, thats great! I've never had lanzones, but now I want to try them!

  11. Sometimes a gal just has to sing out loud, whether for joy or to be strengthened, whether someone is there or not! :v)

    I'm not opposite of you, I grew up with a sister but no cousins living in the same country. I missed not having that part of family life.

  12. LOL! Did the cleaners think you had the radio on ?? And the next question is--were you dancing like no one was watching? :)

    Isn't it great to have a sister/cousin?! (I have one too, for the same reason--no sisters, not going to the night bazaar).

    Enjoy your weekend! (and I love your little secret too)

  13. I love that song!

    Have a great week.

  14. Willow, the cleaners might have called security if they saw me dancing on top of all that croaking, LOL!

  15. Brenda, you might want to try the oriental market in your area. These fruits could be exported there.



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