Friday, September 17, 2010

From the land of castles and crumpets

Less than 24 hours after sharing last week's highlights, my next set of faves was guaranteed. And weekend wasn't even over yet. I don't know what I did to deserve it but I'm thankful -

1. Church. I went. Really. A friend suggested it and I made a snap decision to go. Something became clear to me again: the reason I insist on having a day off work in a week is to calm down from it all. No matter how seldom, it's good to recharge spiritual batteries.

2. Hearty lunch at an elegant Thai restaurant with an international menu. We had lasagna, avocado salad with cantaloupe in oil and vinegar dressing, banoffee cheesecake, etc. The bonus? Stairs up for grabs: cost effective for calorie-burning.

3. Dasa is a second-hand book store with a coffee shop on its second floor. There were several titles I liked. It's gonna be a new haunt certainly.

4. Peterson Gallery. Priced from $2,000 to $163,000 - pianos galore! Once in awhile I wander into places like this. And I fancy another trip.

5. A call from the land of castles and crumpets. It came over dinner of fried noodles, chicken and shitake mushroom. While sipping my kiwi juice, an earlier mix-up of numbers was affectionately explained to me. Twas a sweet ending to a perfect beginning of a fab week.

See more faves @ Susanne's Living to Tell the Story


  1. Sometimes my FFF all happen within a day or so, too! I hope the rest of your week was just as joyful!

  2. Glad you had a good week!
    A book store AND coffee shop? There couldn't be a better combination. :)

  3. Melissa, it was, thanks.

    Jewel, yep perfect isn't it? :)

  4. I smiled at getting lasagna at a Thai restaurant. I do love lasagna though and would love it anytime! :v)

    That little book store sounds wonderful. I can't resist a bookstore with a coffee shop!

    Sundays are a time for refreshing and renewing in the Lord. Glad to hear you were able to find that on your day off.

  5. Susanne, yeah lasagna in a Thai restaurant :-) Glad too to be spiritually refreshed.

  6. Glad you've had such a good week! :)

  7. A week beginning with spiritual renewal and a good lunch! Glad you had such a happy week!

  8. Glad you were able to recharge your spiritual batteries. Dasa sounds like an interesting place. I bet you'll have lots of fun there. Hope you have a fab weekend to finish off your fab week.

  9. Karyn, so am I, thanks.

    Lisa, I'm having a fab one right now :) Thanks.

  10. Pianos cost can cost $163,000? ACK...Liberace eat your heart out LOL. It's always good to recharge the batteries often LOL Great week my friend. And plenty of it dealing with food :) LOL :) My fav. Happy Friday :)

  11. I'm so glad you were able to recharge your spiritual batteries! It's so important ...

    I always like to read your posts for the international flavor ... Thai, lasagna, castles and crumpets ... you broaden my horizon!

  12. Thom, dont remind me of the food lol!

    Jerralea, nice to know that :-)

  13. Well those are a great set of faves! Food, books, church, some of my favorite things. You are making me hungry!

  14. This Dasa sounds like a real rejuvenating spot. Nothing like getting caught in a book of books.

    Sundays are a quiet time. In the Winter we are able to return to that.
    Have a great week

  15. I was captivated by the idea of lasagna in a Thai restaurant too. Sounds yummy but oh so odd. That book store/coffee shop combo sounds like a winner to me! I'm glad you had such a great week!

  16. Ellen, I love them all too :)

    Cindy, in a book of books - that sounds cute

    Willow, the lasagna is from the restuarant's international menu



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