Friday, August 27, 2010

Final act of love

Except one of these faves, all four are talents of the male species. They shine!

1. Decaffeinating
I had coffee overdose during my recent island holiday. I have to abstain from the drink to function well at work. The attempt must have been fairly successful. No more twitching eyelids.

2. Helpful guard
By the time a film I viewed was over, the mall that houses the cinema was long past its operating hours. Devoid of shoppers the building suddenly looked gigantic and eerie. Emptiness disoriented me and I could not find an open exit. Alas, the only familiar spot was the basement parking. I tarried there stubbornly deciding that I'd rather do a vigil than call the Ex for help. About a minute into feeling like an idiot, a guard appeared and in halting Thai I explained my plight to him. He radioed for a taxi and I got home safely.

3. Cheerful driver
Wednesday afternoon: "ta-ta, it looks like rain" and I was a few yards away from my apartment. I jumped on one of these mopeds plying the inner streets. As raindrops started pelting my face, the detergent-smelling driver began singing unabashedly. He's so cute I can't supress a smile as I handed him the 10-baht fare. Talk of singing in the rain and I like the song too.

4. Husband / Father's final act of love
As an experiment I watched the Manila hostage drama on CNN to see if I could stomach a tragedy made even more horrifying with every second I was reminded that it was not Hollywood but real M16s happening live. A significant part of it was a man who threw himself across his wife and 3 children when the hostage-taker began finishing them all off. My mind raced back in time. I bowed my head in renewed gratefulness for Calvary.

5. Isaac Asimov's observation
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries is not Eureka! but 'That's funny!'" It lightened up my research work this week.

Visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for more faves.


  1. Thank God for sending the guard and the singing driver!

    I would have cried at #4, no question about it. That must have been heart-wrenching.

    Have a blessed week!

  2. Glad the guard appeared to help you out of your worrisome situation. How fun to sing in the rain with a cute driver. :-) Bowing my head with you over Calvary. What a tragedy in Manila.

  3. I've had to go completely decaf since developing a heart rhythm problem. I do miss the help in staying awake!

    Thank God for sending a guard just when you needed one, and a singing driver must have really enhanced the trip!

    #4 is heart-wrenching.

    I can imagine #5 lightens up a lot of tension!

  4. Lisa, thanks a lot.

    Barbarah, now I have to be more careful about my coffee intake. Thanks for mentioning your experience.

  5. =D Got a kick out of that Asimov quote. =D

    Hope you have a great weekend without the twitching of eyelids!

  6. I can't get over that singing driver ... if only we all loved our work so much we sang while doing it!

    It's good to remember His sacrifice for us ...

  7. Carrie, thanks, and no, hands up to the twitching eyelids :D

    Jerri, a reminder of His sacrifice had to be the positive thing about watching that tragedy.

  8. I couldn't believe that happened there. How horrible. I love your number 3 my friend. How wonderful. You should have gotten off the moped and kicked your heals in the air :) Great week. Have a wonderful Weekend :)

  9. Thom, yeah I should have. I forgot you could relate with no. 3 :)

  10. Is it just me or is it memorex...why are you putting Haazel on my blog ? LOL You testing me LOL

  11. Hazel #4 brought tears to my eyes. Amazing sacrifices...
    The singing driver made me smile and the security guard made me sigh with relief. Yep I pretty much ran the gamete of emotions with your post!! Have a good weekend.

  12. Oh I love the singing driver! What a great attitude!

    #4: Oh, I just CAN'T watch that. It hurts too much. But you're right that it does remind us of how much our Heavenly Father loves us.

    Three cheers to the gallant guard!

  13. Good for you for going off of caffeine, I don't think I could do that now, my body has not been caffeine free for over 20 years!

    I agree with the others, so thankful for a guard at just the right time.

  14. #4 makes my heart ache. I have been out of touch with the news so have no idea what is going on. I too am so grateful for Calvary.

    I used to have twitching eyelids once in a while. Drove me crazy while it was happening. I had no inkling it might be linked to too much coffee.

  15. Thom, I'm heading over to your place to correct the effect of being cross-eyed last night

    Ellen, this post is indeed kinda loaded with some emotions. I appreciate your empathy.

    Willow, something had to hold someone in one piece while watching that nerve-shattering drama. Remembering Calvary did the job.

    Brenda, wow 20 years. I wish I could be like that. I'll try.

    Susanne, neither did I. A friend with me on the holiday said it was coffee, so I abstained from it and the twitching did go away.

  16. LOL...I knew it was something trivial like that :)

  17. Going cross-eyed is nor trivial Thom.... LOL! seriously, i'm glad u brought it up. i appreciate finding out the damage of being silly last night :)))

  18. Wow...your #4 was sobering. Giving thanks here, too, that One gave His life for me.

  19. Hazel, wow, what a week! I would have done the same in your situation on the moto -- smiled! hehe. Nothing to make a rain storm cheery like a stranger smelling like detergent and singing anyways!

  20. Karen, it is :(

    Laura, indeed He did!

    Jewel, you're right!



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