Friday, August 6, 2010

Camera averse

CJ's aversion to being photographed is getting worse. Now I have to master the art of stealing shots. This is a rare click that managed to capture most of his face. I'm happy I got his long hair before the lola decided this style should go.

Sometimes I think the aversion is a kind of condition but well... for this week's MM theme: lights, camera, pose...

Voila! that's his pose.

There are proper, decent poses of kids on Chris's MM participants list. Check them out at The Mommy Journey.


  1. he looks so grown up with that long hair.. and what a pose... :)

    thanks for joining us this week, hope you didn't have too hard a time looking for the appropriate picture!

  2. hahaha nice pose baby :D ganyan talaga pag kids hirap pa pose

  3. I love the long hair, he looks like a real rock star,very natural ng dating. :)

  4. Magiging ganyan din mga anak ko soon hindi mag pose kailangan we have to be quick in stealing shots. Your son looks like a girl in her long hair and he is a handsome young man.

  5. He is growing up so fast and right before our eyes. :) I wonder if he just doesn't like his picture taken because you are taking them. You know how young kids can be with their parents. Make things as difficult as possible LOL. I know I did that and still do...oh my...I hope he doesn't turn out like that LOL :) Have a great Friday :)

  6. Hahahah ayaw na ayaw ng paphotographed ni CJ lol.. Kaya ako habang gusto pa nitong mga burritos ko, click lang ng click hehehe. He loks good with long hair but a short hair is tidier.

  7. he looks like a girl in that long hair...
    mukhang ganyan ang mga little boys, kailangan stolen ang mga pics nila.

    thanks for visiting!

    happy MM!

  8. How old is your son, Mommy? When my son is in the mood for posing in front of the camera, that's when I get his best poses. When he's not, it will take forever to get a decent shot of him. LOL!

  9. Chris, i wouldn't have had any difficulty as 99% of his photos nowadays are either stolen or forced hahah

    zoan, oo nga totoo... :D

    Willa, i'll go get him an electric guitar :)

    Shy, yong dapat mabilis ka ng pagshoot, tama yon lol... nakakapagod nga lang kung minsan

    Thom, yeah i think so too he's growing fast despite being a picky eater. that's a good perspective you have there - how come i didn't think of that angle? boys! lol

    chubs, yon ang sabi ng lola nya - mas tidy daw ang maiksi kaya within an hour of our arrival at home, maiksi na kaagad buhok nya.

    bonz, napagkamalan yang babae sa immigration in manila people in hongkong were undecided, lol!

  10. She is so cute even at that stolen shot. Thanks for dropping by.

  11. i like his long hair. too bad it has to go..

  12. They go through various phases, soon you will find want to be clicked more.

  13. kids mostly go to a stage like my kids are in now :D

  14. anne, thanks

    simply kim, a few rules get in the way sometimes

    Indrani, that's right

    Jona, yeah... different stages they go through are always interesting to Moms, aren't they? :)



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