Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, decisions

A few not-so-routine stuff and a rare one in the offing, out come my week's faves:

1. "You're blooming... are you dating?"
someone at work suddenly asked me that. I laughed hard and coughed out, "what? of course I'm not!" He walked away looking pleased and determined at his own conclusion, "I knew're dating." Now if it were true... but well, I loved the laughter.

2. String-tying ceremony (I forgot my cam but here's an idea)
the charm of the tradition unfailingly upholds cultural identity

3. Walking on soft earth
a refreshing break from tick-tocking on concrete all the time

4. Outdoor warmth
an assignment requires me to be out of the office for four hours every Friday this term. The warm morning breeze works better on me than freezing AC's. Bye-bye, shrinking skin.

5. Hard but exciting choices
a weekend with colleagues in Beijing or a few days in Bangkok with someone I haven't seen in two decades? There's only one slot on the timetable for either. Being sweetly torn does not happen everyday. I'm warming up to it.

Visit Susanne @ Living to tell the Story for more faves.


  1. You tease with Number 1 :) If the choices are hard it indeed makes them more exciting. Isn't it nice to get off of concrete. :) Great FFF my friend. Have a great weekend :)

  2. I would love to do the third one. :)

  3. Thom, that's the truth :) yeah, off-concrete. it felt like mattress

    Indrani, had enough of the cold in Switzerland yet? :)

  4. The blooming comment is funny. I’ll have to remember to use that one. ha. “Walking on soft earth”—what a great thing to notice. I can’t do freezing AC’s very well either; enjoy the warmth outside.

  5. Lisa, I discovered the soft earth near a line of mango trees :)

  6. #1 is funny.

    I'm afraid I'm one of those people who likes the temperature cooler than most. :-) My kids say I keep the house like a meat locker. I tell them they can put on a sweatshirt or jacket -- I can't take off anything! I hate that I get so hot and sweaty so easily.

    #5 would be a hard choice, but it is nice to have options.

  7. I'm so with you about getting onto soft earth and getting out of AC into warm sunshine! Lucky you.

  8. Barbarah, may we never run out of options :)

    Susanne, yes, vitamin D for free!



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