Tuesday, June 18, 2013

W is for...

For the first time since participating in the ABC meme, I go random for W. So without much ado here I go -

Wine Republic: a wine shop in Thonglor

windows of Mount Ievers Court, Co. Clara from the book Irish Houses and Castles

watery wayside at work

my whimsical notebook or at least that's how I call it. That's the buttercup fairy by Mary Cicely Barker. I scribble haiku on the leaves

winged beans: go well with minced beef


  1. Nice "w's". My favorite is the windows in the wonderful house.

  2. Glad you joined the group and hope to see more of your posts each WEEK, Kate, ABC Team

  3. Sometimes you just have to go random! Beautiful photo by the watery wayside!

  4. Lovely variety of images! Especially love the enchanting beauty of your whimsical notebook!

  5. I loved your whimsical walk with W. I've made a note of the buttercup fairy book. My daughter-in-law collects fairy art and books and it would be a perfect gift for her. How nice to work near such a beautiful watery wayside!

  6. Love your randomness - some good choices for W. Those winged beans look quite exotic to me.

  7. I like all your phot os! The winged beans are very interesting . I have never seen them.
    Have a great day.
    Wil, Abcw team

  8. Oh I miss that veggie sis, sarap nyan iluto sa gata hehehe,.

    The Tenderness of Wolves
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team



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