Tuesday, March 26, 2013

King Narai mystique

The museum at King Narai palace in Lopburi closes half past four.  We were late. But the ruins outside the inner palace gate were perfect for the time we arrived- less than thirty minutes to five. Sunset was approaching. We were among the few visitors who loitered behind. We couldn't have chosen a more wondrous time to be there.

A resident mystique envelopes relics of the past, especially those that enjoyed splendor in their day. We explored in peace.

Trying to get an idea of what was in store the next day, I peeped through the slit on the huge gate: outlines of edifices even bigger than the skeletal remains standing on the outer grounds, still proud.

The shadows lengthen as the sun hurried west. Waxing meditative is easy when ruins speak to you

I imagine a wedding here at night aglow with fireflies. Lotuses gliding on the pond, chimes in the soft breeze, real fairies for bride's maids....


  1. Great post. Very interesting.

  2. The lighting was just perfect for your shots.

  3. Interesting tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. like the red color here, visiting via RT2

  5. Your shots are absolutely splendid! You did arrive at just the right time!

    abcw team

  6. Great shots and perfect for K. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  7. Fascinating post and photography for K for ABC ~ enjoy ^_^

  8. Gorgeous photos and a nice lesson too (for me). Great "K" choice!

  9. Wow, very enchanting!

    Family Ruby
    A little behind but trying to catch up with Ruby Tuesday entries.

    Hopping for ABC na din hehehe.

  10. love your style of writing, sis Hazel. mesmerizing! i love both the photos and the text that goes with them.



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