Friday, March 9, 2012

Calls and attorneys

LDP or long - distance parenting entails lengthy phone calls and expensive phone bills. The latter element of this reality changed when a cousin began selling calls to the Philippines, each lasting 49 minutes for only 110 baht. Quite a break from when I used to pay an average of 4,000 baht a month and sometimes twice that figure; which is more than enough for a low cost two-way Bangkok - Manila ticket.

That is something I am greatly thankful for and happy about nowadays. The other thing is learning something new out of LDP:  Special Power of Attorney, which authorizes a guardian to process documents in behalf of a minor. My kiddo's Philippine passport (he has dual citizenship; holds two passports) needs to be renewed as the plan this summer is for him to do some traveling again.

This notarial service at the Philippine embassy in Bangkok is efficient. I got the SPA and sent it by registered mail within three hours yesterday.

It looks like I'm dealing with airports, air crafts, and immigration again in a few weeks. This could be tiresome but I'm warding off wrinkles by counting blessings instead.

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  1. Overseas calls are really expensive. I remember when I was in Pinas, hubby always had a massive phone bill every month.

  2. i am glad that God is giving you reasons to be thankful this week :) May God continue to guide you in every decision you need to make.

  3. aw :) mabuti naman sis kung ganon!! I never experienced in applying VISA and the likes but I've heard so many heartbeats pag yan ang topic. hehe kaya for sure that was something to exert a lot of effort. congrats ♥ by the way.. high way!! hehehe

    >> blog hop from happiness is....

  4. Thank you, Chris. I appreciate your good wishes.

  5. i'm glad that you choose to be positive despite the hassles that awaits you next week. indeed it is better to count our blessings. hope you'll be together with your little man soon. visiting for Happiness Is...

  6. visiting back here for Color Connection. I cannot believe that you used to spend that much on phone bills. good thing your cousin was able to offer long distance calling at a lower rate. have a great weekend!

  7. I couldn't believe it either, but that's reality for me. Well, now I'm loving the new rates.

  8. wow, your cousin is such a blessing..that's a lot of savings for you there!

    visiting you from MM, hope you can take a peek at the new ME!

  9. i can somehow relate. my then-bf now-hubby was a LDR once, and i was really thankful to have discovered Rebtel. the call rates are really, really low, and even free for "Rebtel countries." even when calling Philippines, my $5 Rebtel credit goes way longer than compared to other calling services, and the reception is very clear ;) so that's another option you might want to check out, on top of other freebies of course like Skype, etc., which I'm sure you use too ;)

    thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. wishing you all the best in your LDR parenting, and i hope that you get the necessary paperwork and stuff done for your precious one's passport renewal and future travel ;)

    see you there again in Happiness Is for another round of happy posts :)

  10. sounds like he's going to have fun traveling :) visiting from happiness is...

  11. I'm happy for you,sistah!Have fun travelling!^_^

    Hello there,Mommy Hazel!It's been awhile,laki na ni CJ!Forgive my late visit dear,been busy lately and thanks for dropping by^_^



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