Monday, October 17, 2011

Don Gato and company

In the 80s we had a neighbor who played Senor Don Gato repeatedly on his cassette. The sound was loud enough to reach other houses. Fortunately, the song was amusing - a very cat-like human voice would respond "meow, meow, meow."  It probably helped that I'm an animal lover so I didn't mind hearing the song over and over. 

Mozart, my fur kid looks very much like this pooch. See how he dances :)

And here's thoroughbred Little Red by Patty Shukla

 Some of the things I love about living in Thailand are the elephants! They are called "chang" here. This is a clip of Thai children singing karaoke about a chang.

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  1. Good music, a most welcomed respite from the 'normal' poetry things. More educational in fact!


  2. You have a very interesting mix here. I can tell you had fun with the animal theme! :-) And I learned something new today: chang. My youngest daughter loves elephants. I can't wait to tell her my new word.

    Thanks for the MM shout out! xox :-)

  3. Totally different and unexpected song picks for this week's 4M play. It was great listening to your selections.

    The Lamb, The Sparrow, and Butterfly Kisses...4Ms

  4. great stuff! Love to hear something now. Have a fantastic week

  5. I too loved the animal theme! Thanks for the smiles! Have a fun week!

  6. Well look at you! Love it! Where did you find those? Great choices! Finally no wild horses! If I hear that song again today I might go off the deep end LOL Have a rockin' week!

  7. oh my some new ones on me would love you to come see what I shared at

  8. I love learning and music is the perfect way to teach. I learned 'chang' is elephant in Thai.

    Oh, and I loved the French Poodle, I had a toy poodle as a child (slightly smaller than the French Poodle) and it reminded of my childhood dog :)

  9. Wow. These are so fun!

    Thank you for rocking with us!

  10. Well how very interesting. I'm sure your children are amused. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to share with my grandson.

  11. definiately an awesome mix of music. glad that you shared this. i have to show my niece this :)

  12. hahaha! CUTE!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on What's A Fossil?



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