Thursday, February 24, 2011


"Sawadee krap!" the Eagles greeted Bangkokians Sunday night. Exuding cultural cognizance Tim Schmit spoke a whole sentence in Thai and the Impact Arena erupted. Woe is me. I've been in Thailand 13 years and I didn't even know what Tim said. Anyway I felt like I got back a decade younger being happy and thrilled at their performance. A trumpet played the intro to Hotel California. I never heard that before. These are 13 Eagles hits that I love:

1. Desperado
2. Seven bridges road
3. I can't tell you why
4. Take it to the limit
5. Life in the fast lane
6. Best of my love
7. Take it easy
8. Busy being fabulous
9. Love will keep us alive
10. In the city
11. Long road out of Eden
12. Lying eyes
13. New kid in town

Megan and Janet host Thursday 13


  1. Love this list; the Eagles are awesome.

  2. I'd love to live in Thailand. I hope to get back there someday. Happy TT!

  3. Brenda, come and have sunshine all year :)

  4. Eagles in my brain..all night long. Thanks a bunch.

  5. Great list, love #11. Happy T13!



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